Bieyes banned by Szczebrzeszyn

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Appeal On Forums (Basically Perma)
Ban Length:
Forever Until Forum Explanation
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Self Antag. As Psychiatrist, was brigged for rioting. During sentence was provocating sec to intervene. During one such intervention they pushed warden to death using electrified turnstile he destroyed earlier. Disconnected before bwoink. Explain yourself on the forums. Auth by TAMUMUS.
Appeal Reason:
I was told to appeal this to explain my side of the story so I will do that. Please keep in mind that I was tired out of my mind from a basically sleepless night before so I dont remember that much but I cant still recount (yes my memory is that bad.) So I will focus on the prison part of the story as that is what I was banned for. So as barely explained in my ban, I was put into brig for rioting so naturally I thought that my character, Theodore Cooper, would be unmotivated to go to brig because they were rioting which is why my character was shouting to be let out and was resisting their arrest. I did not harm anyone until the very end which is why I got banned and it was my mistake for lethally harming someone to crit as a none antag trying to escape brig. So I succeed with escaping a couple of times and I eventually was supposed to be let out of brig, TWICE, as my timer had ended, TWICE. So naturally after security decided that my sentence was permanent my character’s urge to escape was bursting so I made my character start to break down the turnstile at the main entrance to hopefully escape, I managed to damage it heavily BUT not DESTROY IT, and a borg had come along (with a none crewsimov lawset) and shocked the door to prevent station integrity from failing or something along the lines of that, so the borg had shocked the door but my character was already injured from the previous escape, so it ended up killing me. Skipping the revival proccess, I was put into brig while the warden was exiting through the enterance that was SHOCKED by the BORG and not ME so my character decides that it was time to escape brig again and pushes the warden into the SHOCKED doors, shocking them to CRIT but making sure NOT to KILL THEM, when I had crit the warden and stated IC that I didn’t WANT to kill them, I took their bag to epi them and their id to escape brig, but as soon as I took the bag, the warden had SUCCUMBED to their OWN ACCORD and proceeded to I guess AHELP me while laughing in dchat and being overall rude as I got hunted by a paramedic to death in brig. Hopes this clears things up, thank you for your time. And if you think im lying in any part of this appeal, logs do exist and you are free to check them! Thank you!
Additional Information:
None! > : p

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Context: Local psychiatrist decides breaking the library and incitiating race riots is fine.
Of course, the local catgirls shove him out of the library, sec get involved and book him for the damages.

Then, our hero decide to try and break of prison, die in the attempt, get revived and brigged with a timer reset (SOP/ spacelaw moment).

Goes for the turnstile, damage it to the point of it being an electrical hazard, die to it,
sec revives and brig him. Again.
Starts a fight with the warden, ends up critting the warden by shoving them on the turnstile.
Yes, the warden succumbed, no, he didn’t ahelp you.

As scze-whatever wrote (seriously, it’s untypable), this is very much self-antag. And I’ll add LRP on top.

You’ve been playing here for six months, accumulating notes (about three pages) and going in and out of short bans.
I’ll change the duration to a month server ban, this is your last chance to improve.
Accepted, I guess.
See you in a month.