Bieyes Admin Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): Bieyes

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): Display: Person Name: Bieyes (There are no numbers for some reason) | Alt: Blant#7416

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): GMT+1, most times of the day.

What changes, if any, would you bring?: I would be active when most admins are not active, allowing for a better roleplaying experience for the players as more rule-breakers would be caught and punished for their, crime?

How old are you?: 18

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I’ve noticed that admins have been offline alot recently, so I would like to be online when they aren’t so I can learn to moderate. Also I would like to run fun events for the community.

How long have you been playing SS13?: About a year

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: 250hrs 1-3 months.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 8

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games): 3

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13: Never have I moderated.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: None, I dont ban evade.

Your strengths: I like to read alot of the beestation wiki, I like to enforce rules. Good at reforming

Your weaknesses: Sleep, past history.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: People who annoy a crewmember for the sole purpose of ruining their experience. Even madder if this is an act of metagrudging.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Co-ordinated/Organized.

What makes a staff team good?: Dont abuse their power, completes their jobs effectively, communicate to each other when they are doing their jobs.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To improve their community from people who cannot follow rules in that community and make it an overall better and fun place to go to.

What kind of player are you?: The player that does fun gimmicks for the crew? Not sure how to describe myself.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: I will be more professional, and l would stop swearing as often as I would be a high standard member of the community.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: First, I would check for their antagonist status to see if they are one or not. Once I have done that there are multiple scenarios that could play out and I will list them below.

-If they are antagonist and have the objective to steal the gun from the HoS I would presume that they are doing their objective and leave them be. If they are an antagonist but without the objective to steal the gun, I would ask them why’d they did that and if they respond with a good reasoning like weakening security for a certain time being (since it will just loop around and security would most likely find it) then I would let them go, but if they responded with a bad reasoning like, for the funny, I would check their note history to see if they have had a record of doing this in the past and then punish them accordingly.

-If they’re not antagonist and did it, I would ask them why’d they do it and then explain to them that they cannot grief by sabotaging security as a none-antagonist and would ask them to re-read the rules if they do not understand that they cannot do that and that if they require help with anything they need explaining to them. I would then explain to them that I will punish them accordingly if they have a history of doing this and if not I would give them a note (if they had low playtime/hours.) I would issue a 1 day ban for them to re-read the rules if they had high playtime.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: I would check their hours since this could clearly be a ban evader trying to grief the server as revenge, if they appear to be a griefer I would inform a head admin that there is a very likely chance of there being a griefer on the server and I would stun them so they couldn’t keep flooding the station while I waited for a head admin to act. If they did not appear to be a griefer and had low playtime, I would PM them asking why they did that and tell them that flooding the station with plasma is not allowed and would break rule 8, which is to not grief and ask them if they have read the rules or not. If they respond with no they have not read the rules I would give them the link to the rules, Rules - BeeStation Wiki and issue them a 1 day ban. If they have high playtime, I would say that they should know better and that I advise them to read the rules again. Then I would issue a 2 day server ban and 2 day atmospheric technician job ban.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: I would ask if they need some help and understanding on why it happened as this is most likely a mistake and they are just learning chemistry as these kind of stuff tend to happen in chemistry. After I have informed them of why their chemical exploded I would tell them to mentorhelp if they needed any more help with chemistry and then let them go. I do not believe any griefer would do this and this is just a result of someone learning chemistry.

Note: Sorry for giving you alot to read.

You have low hours for an admin app, this is not without precedents but keep that in mind going forward.

You also have a bit of a record, but none of the incidents warrant flat out rejection in my opinion, still I’d like if you could expand on that and explain.

Question 1:

In the case of them being an antagonist, they can antagonize and strive for conflict outside of the limits set by their objectives, within reasons of course. In that case, you’d focus more on their RP, if they are out of character ala “just a little trolling” with nothing else going on, reminding them about R1 would be appropriate.

Again, we are talking about the clown here, they have some leeway for the sake of comedy through pranking among other mediums. So it’s not a clear cut case, what is certain however is that this action sabotages security in some ways, as such they require motivation to have carried it out. You’d look at this from R1 perspective.
Also keep in mind that this is the case of an item that can be rolled as an objective target, as such the clown removing it doesn’t sabotage sec as much as it could incidentally grief an antag. Not always gonna be relevant but good to keep in mind.

The times are very generous for the second question, a player that knows exactly what they are doing shouldn’t be getting two days for massive grief, they’d be getting a perma or at least a month long from me. This can be adressed with training however.

  1. You receive a ticket that reads: “Jonathan Garland validhunting, killed me with his ptsd”. How do you handle that?

  2. You receive an ahelp from someone that reads: “Hey, I’m new on this server and I don’t understand Rule 1, could you explain it to me?”. How do you reply?

  3. When should we permaban a player?

  4. You are observing a round when you notice a traitor carrying 8 meth grenades loitering around the hop line, not saying anything. You notice the traitor has two steal objectives that have been completed, and has uttered five whole sentences since the beginning of the round 1 hour ago. Do you do anything?

Bonus question, assume you have full admin permissions for this one:

  1. A revenant player ahelps asking for an idea for a gimmick. How would you help them?

Extra: I am not proud that I have any notes at all really, so sometimes I look at them as a weakness and sometimes as a sign of improvement as I haven’t got any in quite some time.

  1. I would first ask the user who ahelped to explain further and what they mean by killed you with his ptsd. When waiting for the response I would check the occupation of Jonathan Garland for future reference. The answer I assume would be that a none security assistant killed a traitor and they are salting about it. I would check if Jonathan Garland is deputized or not and act on that aswell. I would then tell the ahelper that they need to remember to be excellent to each other (R7) and saying that someone killed you with their ptsd is harassment of that player. Assuming that Jonathan Garland was deputized I would inform the ahelper that they had permission to hunt them because they were deputized from the lack of security, or need of security. I would then note the ahelper with the following note.

Remember to be excellent to each other, after dying to a deputized assistant, ahelped that the assistant killed them with their ptsd.

If Jonathan Garland was not deputized, I would PM them asking why they killed the ahelper, if they respond with a good answer like, It was self defence as they walked into the room I was in and after some time they started to murder me. Then I would understand that it was an ic issue as they will most likely face legal punishment for murder. If they responded with a bad reasoning like, they stole my ID so I want to kill them to get my ID back. Then I would inform them that they can wait for security to handle the situation. I would then check the history of Jonathan Garland to see if they have any records of validhunting, if they do not then I will just note them telling them not to validhunt, but if they have a record of validhunting and got a note for it within a 30 day timespan then I would ask permission from a head admin to issue a permanent ban until vouch for continued poor behaviour. I would then PM the ahelper saying the situation has been handled but I will be giving you a note (assuming they have not broken R7 before) because you need to remember to be excellent to each other! We do not tolerate harassment in this server and we will punish you more severely if it continues.

  1. Once being assigned to this ahelp, i’d respond with, Sure I would be happy to help and also, welcome to beestation! Anyways, Rule 1 explains that you have to roleplay doing actions in this server, like when you’re an antagonist, you’re expected to put atleast some effort into roleplaying. Rule 1 also explains that you have to follow the Space law, Space Law - BeeStation Wiki and the Standard Operating Procedures Standard Operating Procedure - BeeStation Wiki. It is also important to note that roleplaying as an insane person or anyone with any mental disability is not a license to grief in any way at all as if you do it would count as self antagonization which is breaking our rules aswell. There is more that this rule explains aswell, it explains that you require proper, lore-friendly names for your character(s) and that if you need help with naming your character you can visit this website Naming Guidelines - BeeStation Wiki or if you are in doubt that it follows the naming guidelines then you could ahelp and we would be happy to help. If you need any more help with understanding rules you can ahelp again, or you could ask on our discord server in #questions.

  2. We ban a player permanently when they grief the server in an extreme way or have repeated a rule-breaking action, even after getting a note of it, within a 30 day timespan. We also permaban players who are evading their bans by creating alternate c-keys. We can also give out permanent bans to players who disconnect in the middle of a ticket and players who need to explain something to us on the forums.

  3. I would PM the chemist asking them why they have 8 meth grenades and why they haven’t been saying anything at all. Once I get a response, I would use it for future reference and then tell them that roleplaying is an important part of this server and that they must remember that, I would also tell them that it is against antagonist conduct to just go for greentext as they are created in the round to make it more interesting for other players. I would also tell them, while they can still do other traitorous acts other than their objectives, blowing up all of HoP line is not one of them (which I assume is what they are doing.) I would then check their history if they have a history of doing this or not. If they don’t I would ban them for 3 days telling them they need to remember to roleplay and that I am giving them this time for them to re-read the rules and antagonist conduct so this doesn’t happen again, but if they have a record of doing this, I would ask for permission to issue a permanent ban from a head admin and tell the chemist that they should know better and issue them a perma ban for continued poor behaviour.

  4. I would respond to the ahelp with, Sure, I’d love to help you brain storm some ideas. After they decide on a gimmick idea like raining hellfire because they are a revenant of dark hellfire I would tell them that if they need anything for the gimmick I’ll decide if it is good for the gimmick and might give it to them, I would them issue them a good luck and close the ticket.

I’d like to mention that some people, including myself, would feel extremely stressed and even going as far as to shaking in real life from being an antagonist. It does put you as a character and player in a great disadvantageous position. This could make you unable to engage in roleplay and talk to other people as it has often happened to me when I was new. I would do as I was told “Get X”, “kill Y” and try to not get arrested.

Just like this to be kept in mind. :slight_smile:


Yes, but they should and you should atleast try to speak and engage in roleplay. I’ve never thought of that even though I used to experience that but now I don’t.

Asked in the Discord VC about it and a bit less than half of us used to experience it or still do.

Hmmm, thanks I will use this information in the future.

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I don’t understand, how exactly?

Again, I don’t understand how R7 factors into this. Can you explain?

  1. Is good enough, I’d focus more on the notion of RP though and what it entails before going for the details such as naming guidelines. RP can be a dealbreaker for many new players.

  2. I was asking more for general principles rather than an exhaustive list of cases where permanent bans would be appropriate. Your answer isn’t wrong though.

  3. Harsh. I wouldn’t assume bad faith before having checked in with the player and determined what was going on with them. There is a very high chance that this player could be struggling with anxiety, or simply failing at coming up with ideas for their RP. In those cases, banning is counter productive, you want these players to improve and act daringly, not to be piss scared of not only players but also admins.
    Your answer is appropriate in the case of that player acting in bad faith, but I didn’t necessarily imply that in my question.

  4. I don’t understand what hellfire is for a revenant, but yeah brainstorming and trying to provide to help them fulfill their ideas is good enough.

  1. Surely saying someone has PTSD because they killed you counts as harassment for that player, which is breaking the rule, be excellent to each other.

  2. I will supply you with some examples of where we would permaban someone:

-A mime is running down the halls shooting everybody they see, after checking their note history, I notice they have gotten a ban for this exact thing just 10 days ago.

-There is a clown that got brig’d by security, after being released they went to atmos and hacked in to steal a plasma canister, after that they hacked inside security and plasma flooded it, causing a plasma fire as the light fixtures break.

-An extremely low hour player proceeds to make meth grenades as none antagonist chemist and detonate them around the station. When confronted about this they disconnected.

  1. Yeah, from my point of view I thought it was someone just aiming with greentext with no RP involved, I’ve never seen it as somebody who has anxiety or is struggling in general. Maybe in that scenario I should of PM’d them to see if that is the case and then I can further help them and give them more ideas in general so they might eventually improve over time.

The PTSD is the unfortunately named Personal Tiny Self Defense gun that all heads receive

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But I said that we assumed they were an assistant so they wouldn’t have that, and that is unfortunate naming.

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The implication here is that the assistant is powergaming by obtaining the PTSD through tiding or something similar

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I thought they meant PTSD by the mental illness

If they were powergaming that is another thing to look into

Two questions from me:
1)You see a traitor quit the game as soon as security captures him.
Anything wrong here? Would you do anything about it?

2)A wizzard turns someone into a statue.The statue kills the wizzard as soon as they can.
Anything wrong here? Would you do anything about it?

  1. In this scenario I would ban them for breaking R15. If they have a history of this and had a ban recently (within 30 days) It would be a permanent ban. Continuing with the R15 ban, it would be said as follows.

Please remember to leave the game in a cyro pod when possible, when they got caught by security as an antagonist, instantly left the game without saying a word or reacting at all. Take this time to re-read the rules.

  1. As I have done this before I will try not to include ‘bias’ into letting them off or any ban issued. In this scenario, I would PM the statue asking why’d they do that as it is against the rules. There could be a variety of answers so I will stick to the answer of “They made me angry, so I decided to kill them.” I would respond with, you realise that as soon as you become a statue there is text in the text box that says you cannot kill the wizard that made you. I will split this off into two ways, good and bad scenarios. In the bad scenario, the statue replies with, ‘I don’t care, they made me angry.’ I’d tell them that I’ll be issuing a permanent ban for refusing to following the rules and I would also tell them in the ban reason to take this time to think about this and come back when you’re ready to follow the rules. In the good scenario, where the statue didn’t see the text, I would give them a note telling them to just remember to read the text in the text box when becoming a statue or any other antagonist.

Well, to be honest with you both of those scenarios are from tickets I had with you (or close to). The fact you learned from those is a good thing and helps making me less worried about your somewhat low hours.

However, while you’re right both of the situations are problematic, you may very well be jumping to banning too early (espiecally to perma bans).
In most case, punishment escalation goes note → a few days → week → month → perma.
Of course it’s not set in stone and there’s plenty of situations you would skip steps, but neither of those are (unless they have an eggregious history).
Even if the statue was doing it under worst scenario, they’d be looking at an antag ban of a week, and a few day server ban.

You showed me you were keen on improving, but you’re ban happy, while it’d be ironed out in training (guided tickets my beloved), you need to keep in mind permabans are pretty much our last resorts and reserved to repeat offenders who won’t improve, or unfunny griefmen and evaders.

Giving you a + 0.5

T: + 0.5

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Thank you Tamus, I was originally going to say that for the bad scenario 2. was going to be a month ban but I decided it to be a perma ban since they refused to follow the rules even while seeing that there is a text warning them not to or face punishment which is them basically saying, fuck the rules I can do what I would like and kill the wizard, which is why I decided it to be a perma ban. But, I’m sure that training will teach me not to give perma bans to every person that gets reported and teach me to give just and fair bans/notes. Also, one last thing, thank you again.

It was already cleared out, but yes the PTSD here is the name of the gun issued to all command staff at roundstart. Technically game knowledge, but I’d have expected someone with more than a 100h to know that.

Your response would be somewhat appropriate if the topic was about players insulting each other.
Otherwise, the rest is offtopic.
The question boils down to whether or not Garland was command using his ptsd, or if he was a random crew that had stolen it/looted it. The second point would have been about the actual use, was Garland defending his department, enforcing SOP on some shitter, or was he shooting randomly or pursuing the valid into maint etc.

  1. You go too quickly into the details such Space-Law and SOP, which serve to complement RP. I find it better to give a general explanation of what RP is, as many players are just not really aware of what it entails. Really my main concern in that question would be to work with the players to assess whether or not they’d like roleplaying on Bee.
    Only then would I worry about SOP, naming guidelines and the rest.

  2. Although I didn’t explicitely state what I was looking for in the answer, I wasn’t really looking for an exhaustive list but more for principles. Although your answer isn’t wrong, except for 30 days timespan which isn’t any piece of policy.
    To me, we permaban a player when a warning or a temporary ban would have no effect on their behaviour in game.

You don’t know what they are going for in that context, that’s the issue in the question.
You jump to a possible conclusion here, but the first course of action in any of these questions is to get context first, you won’t know what’s going on in the heads of the players 90% of the time.

A tot loitering around and not doing anything is very likely to be a player struggling for what to do next and how. You wouldn’t bring down the hammer on them unless they actively did something against the rules.

Question 5 is fine.

I think this app is too early for you, you don’t have enough experience yet and seem to lack some confidence.
I’m gonna go with a -1 from me.

If you really want to contribute as a mod/admin to this server, I suggest you remake this app later once you have gathered a bit more experience and better grasp the intricacies of this server.

T: -0.5

Hey Bieyes,

Thanks for applying for the Moderator position! We appreciate your interest and effort.

After a month of the application being open and considering staff feedback, we’ve decided to go in a different direction for now. Your application had some positive aspects, but it didn’t quite align with our current needs.

You are free to re-apply at some later point.

Best wishes