Bettonns mentor app

Your CKEY: BettonnCZ

Your Discord: BettonnCZ#9141

How long have you been playing ss13?:

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know most of the jobs, only job im not comfortable with is virologist, gotta do more work on that but all the other jobs im pretty experienced with. The screenshots might not look like it but i played on TG and bay before. I think me being a mentor would be pretty cool, we always need more mementors.


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Question #1: A newbie science man asks you how to crossbreed slimes, what do you answer?

Question #2: Heretic asks why can’t they sacrifice their target even though they’re on the heretic rune. Their heart is in their backpack and their target is alive. What’s the problem?

Question #3: Let’s say you’re a medical staff, and you see an assistant irradiated so much that it puts the glowy rock of engineering to shame. You know that chems simply won’t be enough to lower the sheer amount of rads they have. What’s the fastest way to remove rads without using anti-rad chems?

oh no, not these again. k here we go
1: edit: feed an adult slime 10 extracts of a single color.
2: Kill the target, make sure the rune is clear and your codex is in your bag.
3: make sure you treat them under the shower to lower the rads, lynch chem to get your advanced antirad, pentetic yada yada, pump them antitoxins.

crossbreed slimes
20 characters aasdadw

More Questions:

  1. How can you tell what alert level it is without asking other players?
  2. There is a plasma man walking around without an envirosuit and is perfectly healthy. How did he do it?
  3. Do you know any methods of creating 1 hit weapons(you don’t need to list them).

these questions seem like something a new player wont ask me but fine
1: if the player is on discord he can use ?status or ?check, you can check the information panels around the station, if its not displayed. realistically the easiest way is to ask someone.
2: I’ve never seen something like that so no clue.
3: Yes, yes I do. one example would be meth grenade spear.

1 how do you make hyper-nob?

2 someone asks how to make metal hydrogen, what do you tell them?

3 how do you set up the turbine?

1: heat co2, trit and plasma above 10k (in other words very fucking hot)
2: wrong codebase, unless he means metal foam, in that case refer him to Guide to chemistry - BeeStation Wiki.
3: set up the pipes in atmos to send 3% plasma and 97% oxygen in to the turbine, light it on fire, open the vent. or just fuel it with burn mix 50/50 oxy plasma. (literally noone sets up the turbine because of solars and SM.)

  1. Correct
  2. Not really full answer
  3. Yeah sure shower is one of them, but I asked for fastest way to cure radiation (without chems) (doesn’t have to be 100% safe either, I think you know what I’m talking about)

Idk man these answers seem very meh
I’m gonna hold onto my vote for now and think of other questions

There’s another IC way that anyone can do(IE: not access restricted)

guess I never needed it so I’m not aware of it, please enlighten me so in my future attempt, shall this one fail, I can be a more knowledgeable person.

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Status display my fellow gamer

you can check the information panels

you mean this.

I mean the screens that are hung on walls
Also uhh gotta go offline Because 1 am cya

thats what i mean
20 char gang

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1 incorrect

2 yes that was a trick question

3 correct

I’m going to -1 this because of your notes and the answers

most of the notes aren’t correct but sure. Also please note when my last note was issued :slight_smile:
Even if I wait another year, you guys will pull out the note thing, that really gets me.

I was looking for the fire alarms. One of the two lights will be the color of the alert level.

As for 2: the answer is necropolis seed resistance 20 threshhold. Makes you immune to burn damage.

Feeling iffy so I’ll ask a few more.

How can you get bananium without relying on ruins/maint?
Someone asks how to make the Honk noise as AI, what do you tell them?
What’s a way to instantly break down any wall?

does the suit storage unit cleanup remove rads? I’m guessing that was it but I’m genuinely curious after reading this thread.

+1 simply because I like bettonn and think he’d be a cool mentor. not a cool admin, but a cool mentor yes.

you can get bananium by exploring spess, pray to honkmother .
you do shonk in vox
sonic jackhammer, thermite perhaps.