BettonnCZ banned by SuperDork55

CKEY: Nehemiah Burns

Admin’s CKEY: SuperDork55

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: one LRP

Ban Type: server

Ban Length:permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):** 12/30/2019

Round ID:10872

Ban Reason:BOH bombed escape shuttle, claimed it with his computer fault, DC’d during
Appeal Reason: Yes it was indeed my PC’s fault. I planned on bombing after the shuttle lands, pulled the window in the right top corner for later use and ease of executing. Dude tried to cuff me and slice my throat on the ship so i started running around, missed the chat key and activating the window to bomb the place, after pressing enter with which i tough i would send a message about him killing me, it pressed Proceed and bombing the shuttle. I had disconnected due to home loans. Parents called me and i had no other option but disconnect and do my stuff. I’m really sorry, i promise this will not happen again. BOH bombing AFTER the shuttle lands.

Additional Information: you would be surprised how easy it is to fuck up the whole place. woah BOH are stronk.

Extremely convenient timing for alla that, eh?

yeah, i fo real didnt ment to xplode while in transit toward centcom, shit happen.

The problem here is, if im not mistaken, what youre saying is literally not possible. You literally CANNOT click out of a window, and then interact with it again by accident without again clicking on the window. The game doesnt DO that. Youre straight up lying homie. I do this regularly, if you had the window queued up you cant move until you click off of it. If youre running away from someone, that window is now inactive, and you need to actively click it to make it responsive again.


As you can see it did kill a few people.

I’ll reduce it down to a few days, don’t pull this crap again.