Bettonn Mentor appliakshuun... how many times did i do this already

Your CKEY: BettonnCZ

Your Discord: Bettonn#9141

How long have you been playing ss13?: since 2018, on bee since 2019


Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Yorii

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know most jobs, only job I need more knowledge about is virology, maybe bit more in depth fusion, other than that I think I can help most newbies in all the good stuff they need to know about to get playing. For every “special” question I will cry a little and then try to reply.

+1 looks good to me

My response is similar to last time - why do you want to be a mentor when you don’t even play the game…? You are clearly sticking around with SS13, but you are scarcely seen on Beestation.

You have made six connections to the server in this past month.

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becoming a mentor would give me a new reason to play the videogame again, I always want to get back to it but just somehow don’t stick for too long. Now being a mentor and have other thing to do like help people would be very nice.

You have to earn my trust as a player before I trust you with a staff position again after past issues. There are plenty of ways to help without specifically being tagged as a mentor, especially if you take leadership roles on the station like Chief Engineer / Chief Medical Officer.

We really need competent leaders/teachers for IC purposes lately, but as it is your activity is still way too low for me to consider you a viable candidate for mentor.

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I’ll see how my motivation develops, might start playing catboy captain again, I get your point but still I think my experience would be valuable to pass on others and help the new guys, possibly teach some players new stuff.

Experience is definitely not where you’re lacking - you’re more than capable of being a good teacher.

I sit at +/- 0 as it is and I don’t mean to completely shut down the application, I mostly just want to see more activity ahead of issuing a positive vote.

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-1 from what ruko mentioned.

I’m going ahead and voting a +1, you have quite the experience but please if ya do get this try stay outta trouble man!

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my man im behaving ever since my unban

P.S - You gotta be more active as a Mentor, newer players do constantly be visiting the server and need answers how to setup stuff etc.

-1, you are not playing BeeStation. It’s not about your experience or behavior, I simply don’t want people to become a staff that don’t play the game. Are you sure you are not doing that only for badge and discord color?

Gotta deny this as it’s sitting at a negative.