Bestparty Discord mute appeal

Discord ID: Bestparty#2159

Admin Discord ID: Crossedfall#1001

Ban Type: Discord mute (gave me 3rd warning)

Ban Length: perm

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 20/11/2020

Ban Reason: How would you even think that was appropriate?

Appeal Reason: I want to see the beestation channels again. I will avoid posting offensive stuff and tone down. Also 4-5 months have passed

Additional Information: Can I also appeal a warning here?


Mutes are not (usually) manually applied - they occur when you have three active warning points. Appealing a mute is actually appealing a warning in most cases.

I removed your oldest warning just because of the sheer amount of time that has passed, and I’ve set a two week timer to remove the second oldest which was placed at about the same time by the same retired admin - stay out of trouble for two weeks and you’ll be up by two points.

Will leave this open so @Crossedfall can have their take on the final warning that resulted in the mute in case he wants to lift that one.

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Thanks, will be good boy don’t worry

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The warning for posting a video of a woman getting graphically beaten in a modded roblox scene, which you posted immediately after someone else posted an image of a woman, sticks.

I personally wouldn’t have removed the prior warnings, but since Ruko has signed off on it you have your added chance. Despite being unmuted, this appeal is for my warning which isn’t going to be revoked; so, I will be marking it as denied. This does not reverse Ruko’s removal of your older warning, however.