Best shitter ways to kill someone

What do you think is the best way to kill someone like a total cunt? Honestly I think a few ways are as follows:

  • Glass tabling constantly (exempt if you take the time to build a glass table walkway in maint and it looks nice)
  • Constant ground shove n murder (haha beno)
  • Out of nowhere murderbone (good boy yes)

All I can think of. Any ideas from you guys?

running around as a changeling with chitinous armor and fleshmend, on the secway, shooting anyone you see with the HoS taser gun, and then beheading them with the fire axe in your other hand, roaming from department to department with your all access, doing this to anyone you see

mmmm… smells like Good Boy…

The good boy is strong with this one.

I’ll never understand why he uses a fireaxe over the armblade.

As for my way, the only thing I really think is obnoxious is table slam spam. Since you can land one hit and perform an aggro grab and slam repeatedly, it’s basically unescapable, and doesn’t take any fancy gear or preparation, aside from a table. Most other ways aren’t too bad, since there is usually a way to counter it.

This is the main reason why I start pushing CNS rebooter implants as soon as I hear benos. Stops anyone from being robusted by constant shoves, as it’ll put them right back up faster than normal.

:crab::crab:BENOS ARE GONE :crab::crab:

If you have someone a PAI mostly, with a medbot PAI And of coure be a chemist, Install those delicious letals chemicals or sleepy ones, then when he gets the cummies of course you take him to maints and torture him. :wink:

One of the best ways to ensure you win something is to legcuff your oponent, you leave them wihout the option to start runing and engage leaving them as ez targets for either flashes, guns, erp, spears,nades, cuffs, shitcurity, Etc. You can literally make many bolas with just zipties and metal, and better yet they can be put on your backpack for unexpected erp sessions

One day i will get bored and make a landmine and trowh it at the target. Nobody will know Of course exept securtiy

Won’t necessarily kill em, but pump em full of 30u of morphine while they’re in a sleeper and they will be out cold for a little while

Take a cigar pack, inject 15u plasma in each cigar, then Leave em in the bar or the lobby near arrivals.
Or take some notes from the CE I saw that killed almost every crew member in a gang round which to order an sm shard and drag it around the station.

yell “VIBE CHECK” and beat them to death with a baseball bat

honestly sounds like something i’d do