BeansKidney's Mentor application

Your CKEY: Overwatch_voice

Your Discord: AmBush#6838

How long have you been playing ss13?: Around a year, spending most of that time on BeeStation

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Anyone from the lizard metagang or engineering main

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’m aware of basics for all of the jobs available, but I’m the most experienced with engineering-related things. Most of my advanced knowledge was achieved through obsessive code diving



Some good hours!

Notes this year are mostly good (totally not biased).

I see I gave you a positive note for teaching a borg as an AI, how to set the SM up.

Based off of that experience that I do infact recall, an auto +1 from me. You were a good teacher, and the borg player was pretty excited.

Here are a few questions to break the ice:

  1. I cant leave my shuttle seat wawadwadwdddddddddddddddsawdadwaaaaaaa

  2. How can I light a cigarette?

  3. How do I get something out of my labcoat?

Good luck with the app!


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Thanks for the kind words! Here’s the answers

  1. Sounds like you’re buckled to a shuttle seat. You can click the large button on the top right of the game window to unbuckle yourself, or by pressing the “resist” button on the bottom right of the game window

  2. You will need to hold a lighter in your active hand, and use it in-hand (that is, clicking on it.) after the lighter is lit, you click the cigarette sprite, whether its in your hand, mouth, or on a tile adjacent to you. There’s many more ways of lighting it, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself

  3. You will have to drag the labcoat sprite from your character’s clothing menu, and drag it onto your sprite.

Beans is quite robust at what they do so I can vouch for their experience, +1

Have some questions too because, why not.

  1. How do I make tritium? What’s a good ratio for making it?

  2. How to use the disposals delivery system?

  3. I have been transform stinged into a lizard, how do I turn back to human?

  4. How to fusion?

assistant hours are quite low but I’ll throw these in

how do I make a stunprod?

how do I make that catgirl explode


also protip: you can highlight a sentence to be able to quickly quote it if you have the text editor open

  1. Tritium is created when plasma and oxygen are burnt together with a very high oxygen to plasma ratio. Most people use 97 oxygen : 3 plasma.

  2. To mail things, you will need to wrap the item (or crate, locker…) with wrapping paper by clicking on the item with the wrapping paper in hand, and then add a destination tag using the destination tagger. Use the tagger in-hand to select one of the pre-defined destinations, and then send the package on it’s way. Keep in mind that if the item can get lost if the pipes leading to the destination are broken!

  3. Congratulations! You will most likely need to request help from a xenobiologist. Ask them for some “stable mutation toxin”, and wait a little while.

  4. Fusion starts when at least 250 mols of plasma, CO2, and 1 mol of tritium meet together on a single tile, with at least 10 000k temperature. Stay hidden behind something, or else you’ll be bombarded by glowy radiation particles. Asides from the heat and the little ammount of BZ it creates, there’s not much use for it, though.

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  1. You’ll need a rod, an igniter, cable ties (Made from cable coil. Use a stack of at least 15 of it in your hand, and select cable ties), and a power cell of some sort. Use the rod on the cable coil, then use an igniter on the wired rod, then add a power cell. Keep in mind you can’t keep the stunprod hidden like a baton!

  2. Alright, first, you’re gonna need to make them fat. Then inject them with mint toxin from the kitchen. Best to inject it with something like a syringe gun. Alternatively, just make a simple grenade by adding a wire to a grenade casing (Made from a single metal sheet), adding a wire to it, and then two beakers . One containing water, the other potassium. Use a screwdriver on the grenade after you add the beakers, and then throw! Remember to prime it first, though.

  3. I need help with lots of things in my life too, but you don’t see me asking. If you want help with something SS13 related, you’ll need to be more specific

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I was going to give you a +1 in my original post but forgot

so you have it now :]

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ayyy, thanks!

Decent hours and and good responses to bluezorua’s questions.


Looking good so far but I’ll hit you with some very open ended questions.

  1. I’m a botanist and I have been warned that someone will attempt to kill me from maints via the back room. What can I do to foil their attempt?

  2. If I want to kill someone as a bartender without spending any TC, what should I make them?

  3. How do you prevent yourself from being facehugged as an explorer on a xeno station?

  1. It you have some bamboo on hand, you can cut them into bamboo logs to make a spike trap that will momentarily paralyze anyone who steps on it, which you can use to ward off your attacker, or use something like death nettles to kill them when they get paralyzed. You can weld the air locks, build barricades… but the simplest solution, knowing that you are going to be attacked is to simply… Not be there when it happens. Leave botany, contact security and let them know about the planned attack.

  2. You have a shotgun! It’s very easy to get lethal rounds from a hacked autolathe. You can serve them a poisoned drink, perhaps get your hands on amanita toxin from the botanist? It should be easy to convince someone to get you access…
    Neurotoxin can be a good choice, too.

  3. As long as you have your hard suit helmet enabled, you should be fine. Other headgear can help too, usually, the space-proof wear is also xeno proof

I was hoping for a more creative answer for #2, but it gets the job done. Bartender has a surprisingly large amount of drinks that can knock someone flat on their ass, and I don’t mean from the alcohol content.


I wasn’t aware of that! All I know about is neurotoxin

Alrighty let me look into this.

You are a very active player and have a good record for your playtime, apart from that recent note 20 days ago. Good record, a ton of hours especially in key mentorhelp jobs and good answers.

Accepting at +5

Keep in mind that you are a staff member as a mentor and thus held to higher standards.