Beaker medbot discussion thread

this is a more non-coder accessible thread for the discussion of:

Please actually read the PR and what others have said on the pull request page comments before saying something


Sounds fair, medbots as of now can replace a fully fledged medbay for the most part unless they have rads or some toxins or they are dead

Gives chemists more stuff to do after they filled the sleeper and filled the chemfridge, now we going to have a god mix recipe real soon for medbots,

This change screws over powergaming antags that create their own medbots in order to not interact with the crew,

Also screws over exploration but I am biased against exploration

Also screws over skeleton shifts but for the most part people can break in and use the cloner or do tend wounds,

I have nothing against the PR, I hate exploration and powergamers with a passion and that’s about it, good PR

Maybe make it so it can accept chembags that can be made in chem?? hmm maybe make the beaker space be upgraded with rnd instead,. like when rnd researches tend wounds, medbot can store more chems


This is a good point.

Yes please. I’ve hating on medibots for so long. That theres a bot you can construct for minimal resources that can do 80% of medbays work is just dumb. In my opinion we should remove sleepers and medibots completely, all they do is making the medical doctors work redundant and imputless.

Though, there should be restrictions on what you can put in the medibot, having them being able fix everything with just chems will just make it an automatic and autonomous sleeper


One small gripe I currently have with that PR is the emagging behavoir, as there’s no changes regarding emagging and magically creating the sleeping chem for it; Other than that, i feel this is a good direction to medical.

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All thats going to happen is them being smashed by any oozling player seeing as not using tricord by default is “coddling”…
So… likely not going to be much worse than a full removal…

:D? Unless its changed again… sleepers already work like the medbot change… they hold bagged reagents and offer a slight discount from just syringe injecting the contents…

All removing sleepers would do is make chem use more tedious or just switching wholesale to chem fridge* pills

Just make medbots painfully slow, current T1 rate is 2.5, goes up to 10 i believe? +300% when all the nodes are done?

Infinite is fine if it would take you less time to run all the way to med and back than wait for the bot to finish, but keep someone stable if it wanders over them and starts shouting.

the emag effect being unchanged is because if it just ODed people then it would very quickly run out of chems

you can put in an advanced chemmix to make them much better than previously, or sabotage them and fill them with poison, you can also have them randomly drug injured people.
This makes medbots much better if you put in any effort

tippping on disarm intent still exists.

I am just making medbots consistent with most of medbay, especially with how cheap and quick they are.


I get why this being done but it will, again, just make things harder.

In the very rare chance you get someone to make medibots for you they’re a godsend when you are struggling.

Now they will just be useless for the sole doctor.
And useless for the RD.

What’s with bee and making things harder recently?


As a medbay main, i fully support this. Doctors are really not necessary apart from revival and rads, if you have a medibot.
Also, it might be possible to keep tending the wounds but using chemicals inside of it, like if it has 100 units brute healing chemical, it can keep tending the wound. A bit unrealistic than injecting the chemical but a good nerf.


I have done some requested changes:

  • now they accept chembags and other reagent holders
  • They now spawn with 200u epi chem bags
  • oozelings are no longer harmed by epi
  • medbots now have an option to create 5u every minute if they are empty
  • Medbots can now be set to look for up to 120 damage, rather than 75
  • default medbots are now set to 95 damage

a medbot to a doctor should be like a janibot to a janitor
helping a little but shouldn’t replace their job


What’s stopping the medibot from odding people with the chem?

it checks to see if the injected amount would OD before injecting, it also wont inject anyone if they have any of its chems inside of it

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I see so using the medibot might also cause addiction depending on the chem, such as meth, the medibot also won’t od them on meth in theory.

also according to you, it won’t inject if its odding someone BUT what if you use a chemical bag filled with a 50/50 solution of space drugs and meth, the victim in question has 19.9 units of meth but 0 units of space drugs, would the medibot abstain injecting the victim because they would od on meth or would they inject JUST the space drugs ignoring the meth.

From what I’ve read most of you are saying that a medibot is replacing the doctors job of healing people which is approximately 90% of their work. Which is not true, from my experience doctors work is recovering and reviving a dead player, this includes not only “just defibing” but manually fixing the wounds, repairing/replacing the organs and when that doesn’t work cloning.

The truth is medibots are only used to treat alive patients for wounds, which can be done with normal medical patches. Which is a task that not only doctors do but anyone can. The removal of this feature would only push players to do manual healing.

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METH MEDIBOT! I know what I’m doing when this is merged.


Oozelings btfo

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Technically correct but also technically wrong, let me explain
So let’s go over what are medbay’s tasks in a nutshell.
Heal dying people
Revive dead people
Provide surgery
Kick the clown out
Shrimple and effective
In my experience people who come to medbay tend to be alive and need healing, I spend more time healing people than reviving them but this might come from experience on how to revive people
There are 5 damage types in the game afaik, correct me if I am wrong.
Medibot can heal most of the damage types if the patient is alive and has blood and heal even faster than the chemist blowing up chemistry making meth(with rnd research), also have to mention how one of the most common types of damage types I encounter are brute and burn,
I might get the occasional drunk or russian roulette enjoyer but not every shift so I spend most of my time tending to brute and burn which the medibot can do on their own.
This take does not account the rare round where everything goes to shit, my favorite kind of medbay round where I want shoot myself as well.

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METHIBOT! HECK YEAH,be sure to get a pai into a medibot if that still works.

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I like the challenge it would put onto the oozeling, it would make the experience as playing as one even more unique which is a huge W in my book.
I simply like unique races such as plasmemes for their symbiosis and the added challenge of surviving a hostile environment, they take more damage, need plasma air to survive and some doctors don’t know how to revive you, I like the different experience.
Ipcs for roleplaying as a robot without laws telling you what to do with the added perk of people not knowing how to revive you.
Mushroom people for being blind and having superpowers,
Oozelings for being brainwashed NT property that have an unique quirk with toxin damage, the constant need of food and some doctors not knowing how to revive you.
So yeah it might suck for you when playing as one when someone accidentally kills you but, that’s part of the experience, sometimes you die, sometimes you don’t think it like a roguelite where you only keep the information you gained that run which I find extremely FUN