Bastian0930 PLAYER feedback

Hi. I’m Sebastian Derancla and A.U.D.R.E.Y aka Artificial Unintelligent Dumbass Robot Entity which Yells. You probably know me as either a cmo who desperately wants to die, a hop during nukies who wants to die, or a qm who wants a emag and death. or the traitor who kills other traitors for tc Here you can explain why I am extremely unrobust and need mental help. Oh and you better only comment player related things and not admin related things or I will kneecap myself

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you a bad badmin

now kneecap yourself im waiting

Based hop killed him as a space ninja once, Bad AI dont remember you as a QM. Good dude overall play more atmos.

Here’s the meme. I usually give myself up as ai so that’s the meme

Kneecaps have been pat

Unbased admeme banned me from AI roles for self antag screeee! I can’t live a whole day without muh silicon roles.

Nah, you’re generally cool. But what the frick is up with that acronym on A.U.D.R.E.Y?

A bit of a inside joke with some friends. I asked what to name my ai, and they came up with this

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Gender bender silicon confirmed. Likes to take care of others. Haven’t met IC outside of silicon roles yet

suicidal cmo

bruh stole muh gimmikk!!!

You arent a real suicidal cmo until you rush 3 nukies with a toolbox to escape medbay

ok good point you got me there

Had him as a borg on malf AI round.
You were good son, real good.
Maybe even the best.

Very gud boy, can be madmeme. +1

Favourite badmeme.

As a player thou? ehhh, haven’t seen enough of em to form an opinion yet

every event you do ends up in chaos and an people shooting themselves very good +2 badmeme

as a player id say you’re uhhhhh pretty good you’re pretty robust at killing antags probabaly at like everett or dimas valosk level