BarteG Mentor Application

Your CKEY:

Your Discord:

How long have you been playing ss13?:
About everyday for a year. I have 330 hours on bee with about double that on goonstation.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
Haven’t asked them but XeonMations (Aaron Martin) could propably vouch that i’m a pretty good at engineering and atmos (as you can see from the hour distribution).

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’m expierienced in Engineering, Medical, Science and a decent bit in command. haven’t played many service jobs (which may be a dealbreaker on the application since new players end up mostly there) since i’m not that good at RP without having a set goal like engineering but i do know the basics of mixology, cooking and botany (i know as much as there is to know about jannitor since there ain’t much of a skill ceiling). I am also currently making a map for the server progress of which you can see in #mapping on the dicord so i know a bunch about station layouts and what they need to function.

(rookie hours)

Also i play pretty much every day when i have free time so i’m decently active (around 18:00-24:00 GMT)

I’m not expecting to get accepted but hey might as well try since you can never have too many mentors.

Good atmos hours, I like to see it

Here’s some questions (answer to them as if they were mhelps)

  1. What’s hypernoblium and how do I get it?

  2. The power monitoring terminal doesn’t display anything how fix??

  3. How do I play this game?

Good luck with the app!

We need more atmos experts among the mentos, IMO.
Before I give you the endorsement though;
Who are your character(s)? (just to see if I recognise the name(s))
What are your favourite accomplishments on BEE?

Porter Keopple and ocasionaly borg Little Helper. and best acomplishments are propably the one time i got bwoinked for irradiating like a quarter of kilo station with my fusion and other time when we made a 50TW TEG and hooked it up to the grid

Neat, yeah I vaguely recognise that name.
Do you like explaining shit to people?

  1. Hypernoblium is a very inert gas that stops all gas reactions from happening if there are more than 5 moles of it on the tile (also it costs 1k per mol when sold at cargo.) To make it you need to heat 2 parts nitrogen and 1 part tritium to crazy high temperatures for which youll most likely need to do a fusion setup first. if you add BZ to the nitrogen tritium mix you can lower the reaction temperature to around 5mil C but it’s offten unnecessary. The actual hard part is cooling the Hyper noblium back down from the millions of degrees celsius. this one’s perticulary hard since hyper noblium has a heat capacity 10 times highier than plasma. my suggestion would be a huge space plasma filled cooling loop connected to a smaller hypernob loop by heat exchangers.

  2. (haven’t actually ever encountered it but i’ve expierienced popup windows not working in general) Depends what exactly doesn’t show up. there are 3 options: a) you clicked the minimalize button the last time you closed the window and now it’s hidden in the bottom left b) if no interface shows up but a debug sceen it’s a byond bug in which case you just need to try and open the computer again c) might be an in game bug in which case you just need to deconstruct the console and reconstruct it again. the good 'ol turn it off and back on again

  3. That’s a very broad question. Some starter tips are:
    -tab changes your controls to hotkey mode so you can walk with wasd
    -if you can’t move while standing on a chair that’s most likely becouse you’re buckled to it. pess the resist button on the bottom right or the buckled status popup on the top right
    -to find your way around the station you can eithier ask people for directions, look for the direction signs on some walls or just look at the webmap avaiable under the OOC tab in the top right.

it’s one of my favourite things to do. Most people don’t understand atmos in the slightest so i love it when i get to teach it to someone.

the other day i got to teach 2 new atmosians the basics of fusion and the next round we ended up tohether in atmos so i threw one of them into the deep water when i ordered him to make fusion by himself as i was busy making nitryl. Atmos burned down in fusion fire but it was beautiful

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And that means it’s a +1 from me.
Hope you get the role chief.

My questions were intentionally really vague to see how you’d respond to them, usually mhelps aren’t immediately clear, but you can ask them fog more info

You clearly know your way around the game, so that’s a +1 from me :wink:

From personal experience Porter Is quite knowledgeable and would fit nicely as a mentor.

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