Banned for executing as hos, time for rule change?

So since you can get banned for executing as hos while cap is being useless like always i present a new rule.

If hos wants to execute someone he needs to attempt making contact with captain and present the crimes of the offender in the command channel.

Captain has 3 minutes to respond to the report, if there was no attempts made by captain/acting cap you can proceed to execution.

Pls give me your thoughts on it ///

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if you let hos execute, he’s gonna execute everyone

Well i guess it could be a problem if people abused it

Perma exists for a reason.

the hos can already execute if there is no captain present

Perma is good for max 4 people imo after that its a huge mess

Someome got banned like that exactly, he thought there is no cap

To quote myself:

To be honest Space Law needs to be updated but can’t because the wiki page is currently protected. HoS should be able to authorise executions, it’s literally his job to choose the solution that will keep the station safe and prevent his staff from being overwhelmed. Captains don’t have to authorise any other common activity of any other department, not even building combat mechs or additional risky engines which have the capacity for mass casualties.

Similarly “Only the Captain, HoS, and Warden can authorize a Permanent Sentence.” needs to be updated. What is a Security Officer supposed to do with a criminal that has committed a Capital crime but their superiors are all busy when he asks for the 5th time what to do with them? It should be required to inform their superior who’s getting perma’d and why, but not authorisation to do so in the first place.

Damn when you think about this, its indeed dumb.
Combat mechs that can cause huge damage?
Make them, why not !

Tesl engines that always fail and destroy whole station?
Sparks go brr, make it !

Executing as hos?
Ask cap, he didnt respond after asking him 50 times?
And you executed anyway???
Its time for a ban from security.

Do you know how many times perma is either depressurized or broken out of? Permagulag or execution is the only sure-fire permanent sentence, and even then (As Mimo has proven) Permgulag isn’t even that much better. Execution is the best way to get rid of an antag or a self-antagger.

Also, it’s nice to see others sticking up for the values of security.





If your prisoners are breaking out of permanent confinement, then perhaps you should monitor them more often using the cameras.

A single flashbang can easily take out an entire uprising.

@Ruko thoughts?