Banned for a week, lied about being warned before morphining someone

CKEY: FargothUr911

Admin’s CKEY: Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Beestation Golden

Ban Type: Temporary

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/21/2019

Round ID: 9344

Ban Reason: Ignored a admins warning to not lay a hand on someone who was hoarding the surgery tools. He decided to ignore it, and inject him with morphine. Appeal on

Appeal Reason: Okay, if this guy had actually read the damn logs, he could see that I morphined the person before I even ahelped about him hoarding surgical tools, banning me because “I warned him” even though the action came way before the warning is stupid, and a week ban for morphining someone that was stealing tools is also stupid.

Additional Information:

I was in this round. Can attest, someone stole surgery tools roundstart and the dude trying to stop them (I assume the person making the appeal) was harassed by sec for like 5 minutes trying to get them back. A lot went on before ahelp it seems.

well it’s good to remember that warnings are not necessarily required

yes, in general, the admins will do their best to have a discussion about a given conflict before enacting a decision, there are simply some cases where communication wouldnt be productive

we’ll see

A majority of the admins agree this ban will be lowered because of these reasons. So, look at this log.

[2019-11-21 22:26:49.592] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Bastian0930/(Sebastian Derancla)->Fargothur911/(Julian Smith): You better fuckin not

That’s me telling you not to fuck with him. Then, we see a missed morphine shot almost directly after.

[2019-11-21 22:28:38.484] ATTACK: Fargothur911/(Julian Smith) has fired at [floor] with the syringe from Cryogenics (Cryogenics (84, 99, 2))

Please look at the timestamps. This, however, is circumstantial. We have removed this ban as of now.

Yeah that was at a somebody else other than that medical doctor, a log of me shooting a syringe seems a bit weak cause for all we know, I could’ve tried to shoot a clown.

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Exactly! It’s great we are on the same page.

wait if the ban is removed then why am I still banned?

Should be done now. I pinged people to unban you at the time, guess they didn’t. I did it myself.