Baneed by bastian0930

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
i dont know i was banned on lrp
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
12 days ?
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2019-10-27 20:50
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Killed a lot of science because they let xenos out on accident. It wasn’t really a reason to kill all of science.
Appeal Reason:
it was gun round. killed sci not for revenge it was to stop xeno infetsation (they were infected some of them it was no time to tell who was and who not so i killed them all to save station)
I decided quickly there was no time to waste that killng was for greater good then i flood whole xeno using plazma and risking my own life for good of station i did it all as you see it was not to kill them for realising xenos it was to save the station (for Greater Good) i even risk my own life to try to conatain the xenos who at the time where infecting all reaming monekeys in xenobio
Additional Information:** Please i want to play ss 13 on beeserver in halloween i dont think the admin ban me for no reason iti respond to admin like (killed sci for realing xenos) bec i was not having the time for thinking it was abaut time i was going to try to contain outbreak in xenobiol to save station form aliens i personally think my doing was wrong but need the time to save station i can only say sory to all of sci who i killed in attempt of conating aliens (my first ban ap) edit (it was one of this crazy wizard round )

Hey there,

Based on reading the post here I’d like to voice a few things.

  • Killing a good few science members for a mistake such as that is a bad thing. It’s even worse if you done it as a non security official.
  • You’ve also been known for cases of over-escalation based off certain encounters with myself in the past and other Game Administrators.

You need to tone things down a little bit is my suggestion, we are LowRP but that doesn’t give you the shoot everyone card, unless you are an antagonist.

IMO - I would of given a few days of a ban, maybe not 12 days.

I’d say a reduced ban may suffice, but it’s really up to Bastian0930 to decide on the ban lenght.

My 2 cents have been said

Alright so let’s break this down. First off, there are no infected humans from xenix. The only “infection” is after they die. The bodies are used to spawn other xenos. Second off, you seem new enough where I can probably let you off with a week. I’ll get someone to do that, as I’m currently somewhere.