Ban appeal?

it’s not letting me post in the ban appeal forum; it has the tab locked? i dunno?

but this ban was from like a couple weeks ago? a month maybe? lmao anyway

Bastian said he wasn’t feeling well and was upset, and he wanted a meme. i sent him something that I THOUGHT was funny, but I got permabanned for it?

it was extremely poorly drawn Tony the Tiger hentai. like, i wouldn’t have sent it if i didn’t think he would get a laugh from it. apparently he didn’t.

I think new accounts can’t post anywhere? Try scrolling around the forums and you might get a role that’ll allow you to post. I dunno.

You need to go to the specific category. #ban-appeals:game-ban-appeals or #ban-appeals:discord-ban-appeals

I’ve been here for awhile now, but someone moved my formatted ban appeal to the right thread