Ban appeal

CKEY: cheeksgaywood

Admin’s CKEY: kain virtue

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type: forever

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2 1 2020

Round ID:

Ban Reason: Non-MRP IC Conduct. Stole another crewmember’s ID in the HoP line. Also a bit nsfw talk but nothing to punish for. Perma’d for not returning to the appeal. Authed by Moccha for prior 24 minute lack of return. MRP Ban.

Appeal Reason: i stole his id card because i thought he was an antagonist sorry also i did not talk in not safe for work

Additional Information:

So you just, steal things without being sure of whether or not the victim is detrimental to the station?


6[00:17:43] (Starboard Maintenance (150, 135, 2))
5[00:17:41] (Starboard Maintenance (150, 135, 2))
4[00:17:37] (Starboard Maintenance (150, 135, 2))

i thought it was an electro magnetic sequencer because it was blue also i took it so i could bring it to sec lawfully

Who just, PLACES a e-mag on the HoP’s desk?

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You say that, but as HoP I’ve once had starting cultist give me all his ritual tools in attempt to gain access. People do stupid stuff sometimes.

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Also Kain the chill traitors that bought 2 emags and money place the emag on hop’s desk as a gift for hop

can u atleast make it a temp ban because i had to take a shit

also he was banging it on the windoor so i thought he was tryna hack in

hello my friend can i get unbanned

Closed at request of banning admin.