Ban Appeal Honda Mothra(HomoBird)

CKEY: HomoBird

Admin’s CKEY: RodBoward

Server: Both

Ban Type: I don’t understand this part, but I’ll say Global Ban or Metagaming ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 2019-12-26 04:13:06

Round ID: 10691

Ban Reason: Basically I used info before dying related to a traitor, when I got converted into a cyborg I went and flashed him and tied him, making him to reveal his Holoparasite and eventually killing himself because my fault for metagaming, and that I left the game mid-bwoink.

Appeal Reason: No one, what I did was wrong, I got very salty about it when I got killed and I tried to make him reveal himself as a traitor and have a security or anyone else arrest him or kill him, this was very wrong from my part and a very childish action, I waited some months to reflect on it because what I did couldn’t be justified.

Additional Information: About leaving the game mid-bwoink, it was more my connection dying and me understanding that I would be banned permanently anyways.

These are a bit conflicting but whatever. It’s been 3 months.

I was meant to say that after losing my connection I didn’t log back in because I knew I would be banned since I had no reason to do what I did.

In favor of another chance here as well, it’s been three months and the ban was likely only perma due to the disconnection.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have banned you for more than a week. Yeah, I’ll get someone to unban you or I can when I get home.

At the request of RodBoward I’ve unbanned you.