Ban appeal: Belle Felphine

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Ro5390]


**Admin’s CKEY: Ro5390

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Its for all servers

**Which server did the ban happen on?: I don’t really remember as it was a long time ago

**Ban Type: Self antag

**Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (01/06/2021):

**Round ID:25779

**Ban Reason: Self antag

**Appeal Reason: I was banned for setting an inferno grenade on shuttle before the round end, at that time i didn’t really know that inferno grenade was a plasma flood of fire, being very new to the game i did not have much experience with the mechanics. And when i saw the name i just thought it was going to create a big explosion.
As a non-antag i should’ve not done that and i would like to be Unbanned

Additional Information:

After being banned for this, you went and got yourself banned twice more on other servers as far as I can see, within less than 16 days.

You also match as a ban evasion account for Raelilwhite
who has also been banned for shuttle grenades.

I’m not up for lifting this without at least one vouch from an admin of another server, and agreement from our @GameAdmin team as well.

Adminhelp Logs

GAME: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) has primed a Inferno at Emergency Shuttle (92, 61, 2) for detonation. (Emergency Shuttle (92, 61, 2))

ADMINPRIVATE: PM: ADMIN01->Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson): Heya, explain the inferno grenade please.

ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson)->ADMIN01: i was being killed by the quartermaster and a sec for pushing him with the wrong intent, i bought that grenade for the start of the round and just thought it exploded. i didnt knew it would spread like fire and kill most of the shuttle

ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Ro5490->Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson): Its literally labled as “Inferno Grenade” theres not much to guess there

ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson)->Ro5490: Well i really thought it was a big explosion for the image of the grenade being 3 of them, it didnt go through my head it was like a plasma flood fire. and the description said it was a strong bomb and dangerous one.

ADMINPRIVATE: Ro5490 has created a global permanent server ban for Belle Felphine. Reason: Set off an “Inferno Grenade” on the escape shuttle before round-end as a non-antag. Also possible ban-evasion from Raelilwhite.

Other stuff I found while checking logs - Bearing in mind you were a non-antag.

[2021-01-06 02:07:37.771] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “how do we kill him?” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:07:50.485] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “syringe gun?” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:08:21.542] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “so” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:08:24.371] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “we can take” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:08:28.789] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “the syringe gun” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:08:31.141] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “and fill it” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:08:34.799] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “with morphine” (Chemistry (103, 106, 2))

[2021-01-06 02:48:25.386] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “so” (Theatre (147, 126, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:48:31.521] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “we just blow him up” (Theatre (147, 126, 2))
[2021-01-06 02:49:15.232] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “ah” (Medbay Central (98, 104, 2))

And my favourite, that puts the nail in your coffin. (its part of the above conversation)

[2021-01-06 02:49:19.053] SAY: Belle Felphine/(Tom Randomson) “lets use on shuttle” (Medbay Central (98, 104, 2))

premeditated as fuck. Deny this. Obviously knew at least that it was bad.

Come back with a few vouches from other servers, and I might consider revoking the ban.

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