[AzlanonPc] Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Admin Report

CKEY: Ethnius

Your Discord: Trousers#8786

Offender’s CKEY: AzlanonPc

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Moccha Poehl

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 19\12\2019

Round Number: 10422

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Ensure tickets and situations are handled equally across all players.
    Any form of bias in dealing with players is not tolerated, favouritism from players or other staff should not weigh in the decision making process.

Incident Description: During the round, Moccha was an antag. They ahelped after I had permabrig them and were let go, despite the fact I permabrigged another antag at the same time for the same thing, but the admins didn't care about the other guy. So I suspect some favoritism and breaking the ruling of being impartial.

Additional Information: I was captain this round, it was pretty early into it. The borgs had captured two miners who were brawling to the death. They brought them to the brig where they left me with the task of deciding what to do, since no other security staff were on. Both told their side of the story, Gerald Rivendare had claimed Moccha to be a ling (which they were) and Moccha claimed the other to be an antag (which they were also). I didn't know whether each was right, so I asked admin's for some guidance because I had some ling testing plans that they didn't approve of. They said I could do basically nothing, so I decided to permabrig the both of them. I then get an admin PM asking why I permabrigged Moccha, not even mentioning the other antag I perma'd. I answered that I was left with no decision, and that this what the best course of action since I could easily heal and observe their behaviour while they were in there. The admin then told me to let Moccha go, again not even mentioning the other antag I permabrigged.
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Ngl ICly it makes sense to permabrig two obviously hazardous crewmembers who are claiming eachother are antags.

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The other admin probably had no idea someone else was in perma. Neither of them committed a capital crime, so really you invalidly perma’d two people. Moccha just had the means to get an admin to reply to his need for help, and didnt think to include the other guy. That however, is on you, because you are the one who put the other guy in perma, and the responsibility doesnt really fall on either admin unless he ahelps.

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Except for the fact if an admin is an observer they have a combo hud that see every antag, if they hovered above Moccha they woulda seen the other antag I had permabrigged.

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THE ADMIN also would know I was dealing with two antags, since they had to hover me when I made my ticket on asking how to discern a ling, and woulda seen both antags

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I din’t handle ticket’s, it would’ve been biased since i was involved in the situation.

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Okay Moccha, I will take you off. This is mostly against Azlon anyway.
And the action I took was also justified, You don’t need to follow the space law to the letter.
I had made a decision to permabrig both suspects so I could observe their behaviour and make sure they wouldn’t kill eachother under my care (because as I said, no other security were online and they coulda caused more harm if they were both antags)

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Perma brigging was an excess to be completly honest, i understand that you have no way to prove who’s an antag and who’s not but perma brigging for what basically boils down to assault isn’t valid, you had other options when it came to it like tracking implants and the likes.

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except for the fact that I did do that afterwards, and you had removed it. Ultimately making it useless

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I did not remove it at any point, and that happenend after you were bwoinked about the topic.

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I doubt this was malicious, unless Moccha mentioned in his ahelp that someone else was permabrigged for the same thing and the other person doesn’t ahelp independently the admin taking the ticket isn’t going to know the other person was perma’d for the same reason.


shoving favoritism to moccha


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it is the highest of cringe, that is why I must report it

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Moccha rules!
20 character limit

Closing. Permabrigging over hearsay is questionable at best and letting them go seems to be the best course of action here. Unless Gerald ahelped, I can’t blame Azlan for not including them.