AxelLord banned by Moccha

CKEY: AxelLord

Admin’s CKEY: Moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Golden (LRP)

Ban Type: Sec jobban

Ban Length: Perm

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/23/2019

Round ID: 9406

Ban Reason: “Killed the lawyer based on hearsay during wizard round and took his body to lavaland to trow it on lava, when bwoinked said that he was negotiating with the lawyers ghost if he wants to be lava’d or cloned. Keep an eye for shitsec behaviour”. In reality the lawyer was griefing the station up and I ended up cloning him anyways.

Appeal Reason: The lawyer was a griefer and ruined the fun for many others, no actual clue if he actually did kill someone but he did blow some shit up. I cloned him when bwoinked and was jobbanned for brigging someone as admin said “you were probably gonna perma him if it weren’t for me”. I fucking imprisoned him for taking a borg and an officer as hostages, wtf?

Additional Information: This trial admin has too many bans for being a trial admin and too many bans for small reasons.

First thing the ban wasn’t perma it was a 3 day one, And i belive the ban should stay the same you killed the lawyer on hearsay grounds and then took his body to throw it on lava in a confirmed wizard round. Which by extension means he was a confirmed non-antag as well as ther wasn’t summon guns event that round so no way he was a survivalist.

Due to higher powers i will unban you from sec. Don’t be shitsec please

Yeah, kev just told Moccha to unban you, but to mark some points, here goes:

Killing someone on hearsay is not acceptable. Especially on a confirmed wizard round.
(Unless the wizard summoned guns, then the dude could have been a Survivalist.)

And even then, the best option would to detain him, as Sec does with SOP, and then Ahelp about him, to make sure he’s not a griefer. It’s our job to rid of the shitters from the game.

Trail Admins don’t have a ban limit, and this isn’t a small reason, ontop of saying that goes, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

A small infraction can get you permabanned if you have the note/ban history to back it up.