Astriker Admin Report

CKEY: waifuthread

Your Discord: CallyyllaC#2893

Offender’s CKEY: astriker

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05/24/2020

Round Number: 16359/16360

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description: i Ahelped about suspected metacomming when i mentioned, in dead chat, after getting absorbed by a changling, that i had a GPS inside my cloak and it was set to my name, this was after the changling had left the room i was absorbed in and left my body, however, almost immediately after i said this, the changling came back, took the cloak off my corpse and put it in his bag, and nothing else, hardsuit and all was left. i ahelped it, tagged admins on the discord, and astriker joined to handle it, however: he only handled when i said i was absorbed by another changling, NOT the metacomms issue, and promptly marked it as IC, when i sent a second ahelp specifically about the metacomms issue, he stated there was “no evidence in the logs”, and marked it as IC again

now, this is an issue for a large reason: he didnt do his duty as admin to look further into the issue, he spent all of 2 minutes checking it before saying there was no evidence and marking it as IC, this is blatant disregard of a ticket for the sole reason of him not wanting to look into it

Additional Information:

i did it man, i made the report, in the future, you should actually investigate metacomms with more than a glance at logs and saying “no metacomms ahppened”

theres no way to prove that tho

what was he gonna do

Idk sounds like metacomming to me

  1. No round id so theres no way to go check it again
  2. You dident list broken admin conduct
  3. There is no way he couldve seen deadchat because he was ALIVE, unless he had someone tell him, but theres no way to prove that and im not going to ban someone without proof.
  4. You were salting in deadchat for the entire round after that saying that I am the worst admin, then did it some more in OOC after the round ended all because I dident ban someone when there was not enough evidence to prove it.

Mfw that’s the entire point of thinking it’s metacomms yet you

make this argument


read the entire sentence maybe?

Maybe actually put pressure on someone who is most likely metacomming instead of pussying out and not even bothering to do anything?


There is no conduct break here, just a disagreement with how the admin handled the issue. If you disagree with how an admin handled an issue, you make a player report about the issue, not an admin report. What you’re describing warrants suspicion and perhaps a watchlist, but nothing more.

thats the POINT of the report, the admin failed to do their job and thoroughly look through the issue, instead opting to mark it as an IC issue when it clearly was not

I’ll pull logs on this and look through within the next day, however admins making bad rulings by itself is not against admin conduct. If there is any sign it was just disregarded or done from a malicious or biased angle however, then there would be an issue. This was brought in in admin chat though and seemed to have been taken seriously.

Pull logs from what round? They didn’t provide one.

oh lul, thats a good point.

Setting to auto close unless we get a round ID.

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i never withdrew it, what

also i got the round ID, 16359 Or 16360

Bruh i posted about topic being opened but dork was faster so i deleted it

is this thread kinda just, dead now? report done? it’s been untouched by admins with any real discussion for the past 4 days