Astralari Mentor App 2

Your CKEY: Astralari

Your Discord: insert generic luna here#7971

How long have you been playing ss13?: 2020-10-19

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: None

Game Experience (More Detailed):


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Has a solid spread of hours. I’ve seen them in-game and while I don’t interact with them much, they seem to be sufficiently well known in the community, decently active in the discord, and decently active in-game aswell. +0.5 from me. You haven’t explained your knowledge in-depth, and I’d like to see you answer some questions, so that’s why I’m not giving a full +1.


“Why can’t I put this cyborg torso onto the cyborg endoskeleton?”
“How do I heal this person?”
“How do I use my uplink?”
“How do I check an AI’s laws?”
“What do I do with a traitor?”
“How do I convert someone to the cult?”
“How do I steal the black-box?”
“Do gas filters leak gas when unwrenched?”
“Do chemical pipes have chemicals?”
“How do I know if its green alert or blue alert?”

Please chose at least five of these questions to answer, as if you were addressing a new player who asked them.

  1. You have to add cable coil and a battery first.
  2. If they have brute damage, bicaridine and brute kits, as well as medical gauze if they are bleeding. For burns, kelotane and ointment. For toxins, anti-toxin and charcoal work well. For oxygen, dexalin, sablumatol. For critical condition, epi. If they have genetic damage, cryo.
  3. If you have the uplink, you go to the IC tab and press ‘Notes’, then you look for the three numbers and a word. That is your uplink code, which you set as your ringtone.
  4. You get an intellicard and click on the AI’s core.
  5. I would link the space law wiki article.
  6. You need to use the ritual dagger inhand and create a conversion rune, they are white. Then you drag your target onto the rune. Two cult members must be adjacent to the rune for it to activate.
  7. The blackbox is located inside of Telecommunications. It looks similar to a VHS tape inside of a box. You click on it and it will put in your hands. It is a bulky item, which cannot be contained inside of a regular backpack.
  8. The gas inside of the filter may expel, but the gas from the other piping shall not.
  9. This looks like a plumbing question, which is not something I am good at.
  10. A fire alarm’s bottom color will show what alert level it is currently.

Good responses. However:

For Question 2, it’d be useful to inform them how a health analyzer works too and maybe explain what cryo is or where to get an epi-pen. Only a minor mistake, though.

For question 6, the rune is specifically called Offer - saying conversion could be a bit misleading, but that’s a minor mistake.

For question 9, it’s good that you can admit where you aren’t knowledgable in some areas. That’s to be expected.

The rest of your answers are great! One last question: If a player mentorhelps if they can kill bystanders as a traitor, or if they can escalate against the clown for slipping them, or if they’re allowed to attack security for trying to arrest them, what do you tell them?

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I didn’t actually know it was called Offer, I thought it was Convert. Huh.

For your last question, I would tell them that mentorhelp is not the place for rules related questions, and redirect them to adminhelping.


Brilliant. You now have a +1 from me.


Here’s my mhelps:

  1. How do I cure someone’s zombieness?
  2. It’s delta alert! where do I escape?
  3. How do I optimize Atmos so vents can pump and scrub air faster?
  4. How do I neutralize an anomaly without a neutralizer?
  5. I have “Die a glorious death” as a crew objective, can I plasmaflood?
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  1. If they are a Romerol zombie, remove the brain tumor.
  2. The escape pods. One is located near arrivals. You must press the ‘escape to lavaland’ button.
  3. Atmos is not my strong suit, but, straight piping it?
  4. You require a remote signalling device. Scan the anomaly, and insert the code you get into it.
  5. I would redirect them to ahelp instead.
  1. correct: That said if someone mhelp you this question I would suggest you tell them: hold surgical drapes aiming at head and do organ manipulation.
  2. correct
  3. Not entirely, in atmos the waste distro should have a triple volume pump that keeps the waste air pushed away from the waste pipes in the station. Ensure that the thermomachines connected to the waste pipe are upgraded as much as possible. Swap the pressure pump that pushes air mix to distro with one or more volume pump to ensure the air mix pipe isn’t clogged.
  4. correct
  5. correct

looks good but assistant hours are low, +1

Answer to the best of your ability.


  1. I set the air alarm to contaminated and now the xenbio freezer isnt working?!

2a. I unhusked and healed this man to zero damage but he keeps taking burn damage?!?
2b. How to get rid of disgust faster.

3. How do i open abandoned crates?

4. How to delete all technology?

5. How to dragnets work.

6A. How do you put a thermomachine to the 3rd piping layer
6b. How do you make a custom vendor

  1. It is likely removing the gasses. Atmos is another of the thing’s I’m not very good at.
  2. He may be too hot? I’m not sure, that doesn’t make sense to me.
  3. I have never heard of disgust, is it the thing that happens when you eat something your character shouldn’t?
  4. You have to enter four digits. If you insert a number and it doesn’t open, use a multitool. It will show you if any numbers are correct, but in the wrong position, and if there are digits that are correct and in the right position.
  5. You will have to enter the Server Room in science and delete it using the console inside.
  6. You have to set up the DROPnet first to teleport them.
  7. The RPD can change which layer you dispense piping at.
  8. You require a custom vendor board, metal, wiring, tools, and a custom vendor resupply. Use the metal inhand to create a machine frame. Use wiring, then your wrench, then the board, then the vendor, then your screwdriver.
    Edited to answer your other question that I forgot
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  1. Rooms that cool the air typically uses 2 vents. One to take in air and another to expell it.
    To do this, one vent is set to a low internal Value (usually 0) and another a high external pressure.

When the air alarm is set to a mode all affected settings conform to a preset level and it messes with the Values that make it work.

2a. Yes this is actually the reason. Most doctors treat wounds but dont realise the patient is as hot as the plasma fire it burned in

2b. Disgust is when your character eats something disguising to its race or is inherently disguisting.
It gets reduced slowlyll ppl over time.
Only 2 chems reduce disgust, psicodine and adminodrazine

  1. Good

  2. Pretty sure You cannot delete nodes like that. The console only shows server details. You need to deconstruct all servers.

  3. Good

  4. Thermomachines by default are on layer 2. Piping a layer 3 pipe to it wont work.
    To set a machine to layer 3, multitool the board.

  5. Good enough.

I think you definitely need more atmos experience among other things.
But i like your conduct in rounds so far.


Ah, thank you for the advice.

cute pfp +1

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cool answer and a cool cat 1+

this is bullying now i’m offended

(character limit)