Ashwalkers Guide to Staying Healthy

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Keeping your damage in check is going to take some effort. Ashwalkers start with a single first-aid kit that tends to get used up very quickly. Aside from this, your typical healing options are limited to sleeping (which takes forever), eating (which very quickly makes you fat while providing minor healing), and legion souls (which, if you can get a good supply, are the best healing item – just don’t use one while you have the Corruption condition). Here’s how we can make this better.

  1. The first-aid kit: Take a single brute pack or ointment. Use it on your most damaged body part, then suck it up and eat to heal the rest. If you can, save it for when other ashies go into softcrit (barely conscious). If they’re hardcrit (not responding), just sacrifice them to the tendril.

  2. Take the time to build a farm and collect plants from lavaland. Using a pickaxe, dig on volcanic tiles to get ash. Use the ash like you’d use a stack of iron and turn it all into sandstone. Do the same with the sandstone and craft piles of dirt, which are basically just ghetto farming plots (think hydroponics trays). Your priority is to produce:

  • Tower-cap logs: You’ll want the wood for the next step. You start with seeds.
  • Lavaland tobacco: Removes the chubby condition (slowdown from overeating), boosts mood. You start with seeds.
  • Fruiting cactus: Atop having vitamins and nutrients, also contains virtium froth which heals brute and burn damage. You have to go find this plant and grind it up in the portable seed bag for seeds.
  • Porcini mushroom: Will drop “mushroom leaf”. Basically combos the benefits of fruiting cactus and lavaland tobacco. You have to go find this plant and grind it up for seeds.

Here are some plants you want to avoid eating:

  • Polypore mushroom: Will drop “mushroom shaving”. Can be used to make bowls. Contains ethanol and mint. Ethanol will get you drunk and mint will kill you if you’re obese.
  • Inocybe mushroom: Will drop “mushroom cap”. Will cause brain damage, hallucinations, heavy stamina damage, and toxin.
  1. Take the time to mine a little. Get around 3 pieces of iron ore and either use the experimental welder in your shack or lava to turn it into a metal sheet. Use a single sheet to make a pestle. Take note that the pestle, for whatever reason, does not fit into pockets or belts; remember where you store this because it’s very small and easy to miss.

  2. Go back to your farm. Harvest your tower cap logs and use a sharp object like your spear to turn them into planks. Use the planks to craft a mortar. Now, take your tobacco/fruit/mushroom leaf/whatever you’re eating to heal yourself and click on the mortar. It can hold one object at a time. Using your pestle, you can grind the object down into chemicals at the cost of light stamina damage. Mortars hold 100u, so spend some time grinding and make yourself a lot of medicinal broth.

  • You get stopped from eating if you’re fat, but it doesn’t stop you from drinking, which is the entire point of doing all of this. I recommend having two mortars: #1 with ground-up tobacco and #2 with a mix of cactus fruit and mushroom leaf. Keep them in your pockets and remember which is which. This leaves room for a lantern on your belt and a weapon on your back.
  • Drink about 30u at a time for serious injuries. This isn’t medicine, this is ground-up food, and it’s going to take a lot of it to heal you if you get badly hurt. Drinking any more could risk you overdosing on nicotine from the porcini or tobacco leaf, so wait a while after consumption.
  • Only drink the tobacco juice when you get the notice that you feel blubbery and start slowing down. You should get the message that you feel fit again.
  1. Keep a steady production of plants. Piles of dirt start with 100/100 water and 10/10 nutrition. After each harvest, destroy the pile if its water or nutrition are too low and rebuild it. Do not let your plants die off unless you’ve already got a good stockpile and are the only ashwalker in play, healing a tribe takes a whole lot of plants.

BONUS: If you can get your hands on a bluespace shelter capsule, use the nanomed to vend bicaridine/kelotane pills and the storage pod to get donk pockets. Mix these into your broth. DO NOT grind up patches, their chemicals are toxic when ingested.


While you’re here, here’s a guide about how to fight lavaland mobs as ashwalkers. Warning, slightly outdated (watchers don’t do as much damage anymore and ashwalkers speak common).

I’ve got something to add to the guide.

Blood can be regenerated multiple ways.
You can grind up iron sheets and drink it to regenerate blood.
You can use the IV drip in your base and put in the guthen milk to act as a blood substitute.
You can put a little bit of your blood in a bottle with an IV drip and fill it up with plasma to change all the plasma into blood thanks to how viro works.

The chemical in lavaland tobacco that burns fat is called lipolicide. If in your system while starving it will cause a lot of toxin damage.
It’s effectiveness will unexpectedly triple when you take double meaning you gotta be careful not to overeat.

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