Armor and you

aight, im jost gonna give you some shit.

This applies to humans only (as in the mobtype, species is irrelevant. monky and xeno need not apply)
there are a few procs damage runs through. Armor is largely ranked based on how low it goes

first proc: Apply Damage. Most attacks and damage are handled here. This is where Species armor is handled, as well as damage mods. this will skip to Bodypart Recieve Damage if it targets a zone

next proc: adjust[type]loss: no armor is handled here

next proc: apply overall damage. this applies damage somewhat equally over all bodyparts via bodypart recieve damage. due to how it works, this does NOT mean bodypart recieve damage works six times here. if you have only one bodypart with resistance, it’s not going to do much. you must be FULLY augged for bodypart resistance to matter here or for adjust[type]loss

final proc:Bodypart Recieve Damage. This is where bodyparts actually take damage, and is where bodypart reduction is held

Actual armor types:

normal armor takes place higher on the scale than species armor. It is not applied universally, and many things bypass it. It is limited by esoteric types (based on sources of damage) rather than damage types. This is what armor penetration applies to, and is the most common armor type, gained by clothing, nanites, etc. it is handled as a percentage reduction

species armor is UNIVERSAL, applying to all damage that goes through apply_damage. It is gained through xenobio, viro, being a golem, and sometimes the DNA vault, though it stacks poorly, due to how all the sources work. Species armor is unique in that, instead of being applied after armor, it is added to armor in the final calculation, meaning that it can block 100% of the damage, if armor applied

DAMAGE MODS: damage mods are a multiplier to damage, very self explanatory and easy to understand. they apply to a single damage type. they are mostly tied to species, though some things can change them

LIMB DR: limb damage reduction is weird. due to its place on the damage food-chain, it applies to ALL damage of its type (brute or burn). these only come from two sources at the moment: normal augments (5 brute, 4 burn) or upgraded viro augs (3 brute, 2 burn). This is, notably, insanely good against shotguns.


explain how to powergayme armor moar.

too long didnt read make fart atmos PR coder boy


too long didnt read make fart atmos PR coder boy

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the dna vault can give you armour? i tought it had no use besides putting in some dna for no particular reason?

The DNA vault gives you a choice of 3 power ups

and a good portion of them are somewhat ridiculous

you can get virus immunity and no toxin damage from air, the ability to not breathe, 50% fire resistance, 50% stun resistance, 30 armour, double speed (I think), or double attack speed

it’s a flat speed boost actually. the attack speed is probly the most busted one, as the species armor sets your armor, so it cant really be fucked around with

Wait, thats like a 30% damage reduction though and armour adds to it, thats pretty fucking good

so if you complete the dna vault you can get these? and how many people can get them?

Anyone on the crew can pick 1 power from a set of 3 random ones

it’s pretty damn good but i say the attack speed heads it out slightly for being plain bonkers

fireaxe go brrrrrrr


I was wondering how I survived getting blasted with a shotgun several times with augmented limbs.

fireaxe has no armor penetration

Very sad