Arma-192 report

CKEY: PinkSuzuki

Your Discord: SOLENE YOON

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Arma-192

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-01-20

Round Number: 47416

Rules Broken: Powergaming, You must RP

Incident Description:

I, Solene Yoon, was trying to RP as sec with Miriam Hornet a heretic during a hostage situation.

I was trying to get her to leave the hostage with me and I wouldn’t let anyone go after her.

Kane and Emboes arrived, carrying standard gear, they agreed not to go ham and RP.

In comes Arma with a fucking sniper rifle.
Tries to wordlessly get a shot in on Miriam.
We complain to him.
He starts beating a console that was in the way of his shot.
Eventually leaves and starts aiming at the door.
Manages to shoot fellow officer Emboes up his arse at which point we arrested him.

He got his sniper confiscated and then I hear him talking to Pauline Dubois asking her for her PTSD because “it recharges on its own”.

In the same round, previously, he managed to ruin a Clown hostage situation prank by coming in and wordlessly batoning the clown.

His attempts to RP were minimal.

Aditional Information:

Arma has 2 priorities in his mind.
Get Gun - Kill Valid.
He will have multiple guns on him if he’s able to.
And he will always choose the most powerful one to carry.


I then said “dead antags don’t need cuffs”


He then posted gay furry porn


I was the AI during this round, I saw both situations.
Regarding the hostage situation, it was a prank decided by me, Apollo and the Clown to increase crew morale, we staged a fake hostage situation in my satellite, and when Security arrived Arma started trying to break the walls, then flashbanged 6-7 people including the Captain, HOP and CMO just to arrest the clown without a word (with the Captain ordering to release the clown, ignored)

Regarding the sniper rifle he shot it in an enclosed room (artifact testing laboratory) with an heretic inside, three officers, and an hostage in the middle (with me and, Warden the HOS reminding him that it’s too volatile of a weapon to use in such small are). First shot he nailed the hostage, then after being told to surrender the rifle he turned around and shot Emboes before being arrested.

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For anyone reviewing this: no, it’s not a side joke. They literally did this.



I am Emboes. I was in the scene. Yes, he literally shot me (fellow officer :frowning: ) while trying to kill a heretic with a hostage next to them from two rooms ahead. After the situation i shoved them and took the gun. Then again they requested the gun like nothing happened.


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