Arlowite Banned by Admin archanial

Title: arlowite Banned by Admin archanial

CKEY: arlowite

Admin’s CKEY: archanial

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Across all servers.

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-12-01 15:38

Round ID: 24587

Ban Reason: Opened plasma canister in science. Appeal on forums.

Appeal Reason: I would like to appeal this ban in order to play the server again, simply put. I don’t precisely remember what I did, but I know it was something bad and involved me purposely trying to sabotage something by opening a container. I don’t remember what the context of this was, but I would like to say I apologize for this action that may have impacted the round and the experiences of others in a negative way. I recognize the mistakes I made and am only here to hopefully be able to play the server again. I think I disconnected from the server before I was banned, which is why it’s this permanent ban. I believe I have served a reasonable amount of time (a month) for what a did, but I’d like to appeal for either a removal of the ban or a shorten of it. Once again, I am sorry, and enjoy this server, and wish to be unbanned.

Additional Information: N/A

Where have you been playing in the meantime?

Yeah, ruko kinda summed it up

Any previous bans on bee besides this one?

Any servers of reputation you’ve been playing on since then?

Notes or bans on those servers?

Not really much of anything, probably hopped on CM like once or twice.

You have seven bans and sixteen notes in 83 hours of play. You were a constant problem player and at the end of it all decided to grief and disconnect. Normally disconnecting means a simple appeal will get you unbanned, but with your record I don’t think that should be the case without spending some time on another server to get a vouch.

It’s up to @Archanial in the end here though.

You did accumulate quite big history of notes for you account age.

But despite of that, I will lift this ban.

I hope you understand that you will be on a “thin ice” and next appeals will require a vouch from other servers.

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