Aresty banned by WhyisCaeciliusTaken ( 3 Days )

CKEY: Aresty

Admin’s CKEY: WhyisCaeciliusTaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP/Golden

Ban Type: Temporarty

Ban Length: 3 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/29/2019

Round ID: 10822

Ban Reason: Killing HoP to start “race war”

Appeal Reason: Would like to have the ban reduced to a day or if possible removed.

Additional Information: I did kill the HoP wich was a fellinid. This was after killing the bartender, another fellinid, which started to attack a crew member because of racial tensions in-game. Thought it would be fun to escalate things by giving all access to people, but I ended up getting lynched in-game and then subsequently banned. I know I did wrong by the rules, but a 3 days ban does seem a bit excessive.

Apologies for the late response but since this is your first ban I’ll reduce it to two days (starting from the point it was applied, I.E. removing it in practice). Just don’t do this again please.

Have a nice day.