Are unknowns non-crew to a crewsimov AI?

If they never witnessed the unknown being a crewmember, could the AI just kill a hostile unknown?

Idk if there is anything in Silicon Policy about it but i believe that they dont count. They arent on the Crew Manifest so they obviously arent Crew. Unless you have a borg there to check.

Obviously you shouldnt be going around killing unknowns just in case they are crew but still.


You just don’t take that kind of risk as a crewsimov AI

Same with other things like shocking doors even in remote areas, a crew member might walk in there

Admins don’t enforce this level of consistency sadly.

this is about right


A good way to avoid this issue is set Beepsky (And Pingksy and Armsky) to arrest unknowns on sight. Sec (If competent.) should response to the arrest alert and they will no longer be unknown.

I asked this question because the other round when I was playing AI, a traitor wearing no identification tried to kill me, they bombed their way into the core and were about to set dozens of EMP’s off, so I brainstormed what I could do in less than a second and realized “hey this guy technically isn’t a crew member” and set the turrets to lethal, critting him.

Up to you, if you see them doing shit you can kill them, unknown is not in crew manifest and are out of AI rules.

If they are actively a threat and would break Law 3 then yeah, fuck 'em up. If their actions break Law 1.Yeah, fuck 'em.

Normal AI use Lavaland Escalation to non protected group (Human/Crew/Etc)

So if you have no way knowing if theyre a crew or not, and youre threatened, should be just fine following proper escalation using lethal.

mostly when im dealing with unknowns on crewsimov/asimov if I’m a standard/mediborg i try to use my health analyzer to confirm they are crew/human, if I do not have an health analyzer, the attempt should be towards getting them to talk to see if they talk like an human/talk in the voice of an existing crewmember

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