Arbalezt double note appeal!

CKEY: Arbalezt

Admin’s CKEY: WhyisCaeciliusTaken for both of them.

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Note 1:

Round ID: 13451

Note Reason:
Permabrigged the QM for ordering a guns crate for “mutiny”

Appeal Reason:
First of all that is not what happened according to what I know of the comms. Cargo declared Cargonia, which means they declared independence, that is mutiny towards the station, that is a capital crime. Not only did they declare cargonia, later in the round they openly called for hostilities towards sec as well as lying in regards to cargo personnel being killed by sec, which did not happen.

So cargo did: Order gun crates and opened them, refused to comply to any security orders, declared cargonia, cut all AI cams and assaulted my officers.

Then Mr. Admin comes in and says “cargo is not under your authority”, but bro, am I not supposed to prevent revolutions as sec?

Clearly cargonian sympathizer captain then went on and freed the permad cargos and gave them AA or something because they were making captain announcements declaring cargonia as official and for the death of sec.

Note 2:

Can’t remember round ID but it happened at this Date: 2020-02-28 18:47:03

Note Reason:
Executed the janitor for breaking into the brig, knocking down a couple of officers with a telebaton and pulling an arrested person out of a cell.

Appeal Reason:
Ok, maybe the execution was a bit much, but let’s be real here, the guy comes in and disarms people, slips me, steals the HoS gun, proceeds to repeatedly stun people and disrupt the workings of the security team. And this is the most important part: IT WAS A TIME OF CRISIS, I believe it was gangs, or revs, either way it was conversion antag. The guy doing all of this was mindshielded and yet he still did all of this to disrupt us.

That’s a shitter if I’ve ever seen one, if I permad him, he would’ve most likely destroyed all the lights in perma and then broke a window to electrocute himself endlessly, as all shitters do if you let them out of isolation.

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you can’t appeal two things in one thread

Well, there is no format for note appeal, so this is a bit of an improvisation to begin with. So maybe … it’s accepted? If not, just the first note then.

:flushed: i guess :flushed:

@Caecilius these are your notes, handle this

He was mindshielded though :sob:

But removing first note is fine. cargo doing that on MRP? sounds like an appropriate sec response

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Okay. The first note can go, as it seems you were acting on inaccurate information (they hadn’t actually gone cargonia, only ordered a couple of illegal weapons crates). Cargonia IS mutiny because it subverts the chain of command, whereas disobeying sec is not, because sec is not in command of cargo.

The second one however will stay. You executed a mindshielded person on a gang round for telebatonning you twice when you wouldn’t let another person (also mindshielded) out of their cell. Permabrigging him for that would also have been invalid.

I will leave this open for others to give their opinions first.

If the janitor took the HOS gun it’s a capital crime and thus valid for execution. This note should be removed also.

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The thing is, the janitor DIDN’T take his gun, he threw it out of the reach of the HoS when the HoS tried to shoot him with it. The janitor went out of his way to NOT use the gun despite the fact that he would have won the fight if so.

And yet why was there a fight between a janitor and security during a time of crisis and when they were mindshielded(thus non-antag)? Sorry but that’s not MRP behaviour, we didn’t take the janitor in, he broke in.

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That’s because we don’t really do note appeals

uhhh mindshielded doesn’t make them not an antag

In this case it does because it was a gangs round.

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ah thank you for context

I will accept the one that I already said I would accept. Due to how notes work, you have to be online at the time. Ahelp next time you see me to get the note expunged.