Anyone know what what every single "exotic" race is and does?

im talking about the ones wich practically are never seen in the game cus only admemes and rare stuff can turn ya into em

I’m talking like vampires, smails and the other weird ones you rarely ever see and stuff wich needs admeme shenanigans
Best I can do.
Snail persons move slow, have a shell backpack and it also provides some armor. They starred as sloths in Zootopia.

Vampires can’t go in the chapel or they burn and must suck blood as nutriment.

It’s all in the code. I think this is what you’re looking for. I’ll write up a guide one day, I’m sure, but it’s not high on my priority list.

EDIT: Here’s the skeleton of a guide I wrote for round-start species, formatted as a suggestion.

Supersoldiers have minor resistances, move super fast and have no sprite.

Dullahans have their head detached from their body. They can swap between normal vision from their head and blind vision from their body. They’re immune to decapitation for obvious reasons.

Corporate are a pure adminbus race with ninja speed, massive damage resistance, super powerful punches and every resistance/immunity under the sun.

u cant use headset because of it 10/10 race.
The most buggy shit i ever played but its funny, carrying your head around.

Why be anything else when you can be a moff

There are synths, skeletons, jellypeople from xeno… yeah