Antops13 mentor application

**Your CKEY:**antops12

**Your Discord:**Antops12#9196

**How long have you been playing ss13?:**2-3 years played all on bee

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:**nope

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I have more than 1.3k hours alive, and I am knowledgeable on almost every role.
I can answer most questions regarding each role but Geneticist. I can answer most basic engineering questions and a bit about the atmos part despite my hours as CE/Atmos tech. About medical I could answer questions about anything relevant other than virology and genetics (i play as an IPC so I missed out on this). I lack some antag knowledge mainly the rare ones or ones haven’t had a chance to play or played enough to know all about it (Blob, Wizard, sentient virus, and Hivemind).


Assume you are the only mentor online for all these questions unless stated otherwise.

  1. You recieve this Mhelp:
  1. You recieve a complex question that you and the other 3 online mentors are not sure how to answer. What do you do?

  2. You recieve this Mhelp while playing an officer named “Beta”:

  1. You recieve a really funny Mhelp and screenshot it. Do you wait until the round ends to post it on the forums/discord? If not, what do you do instead?

1.Well assuming you have a shuttle built already, you’d need a RPD an emitter and some rad collectors. before even turning on the SM you’d would need to make a chamber for 3x3 i assume. Try to copy the setup the stations SM has. A loop for the coolant which should be N2 and a cooling loop or a thermomachine for the said N2 and you would also need a line for the SM’s wastes leading out to space. Ensure the space loop if used and the waste line leading to space is apart of the shuttle otherwise it will be left if the shuttle takes off. 1-3 vents inside the chamber connected to the loop along with 1-3 scrubbers also connected to the loop. Use the air alarm to setup vent and scrubbers, Vents on internal and on, scrubbers on siphon or every option selected on expanded range after that if my explanation was correct, you should have a setup, input at least 2 tanks of n2 into the SM’s coolant loop. make sure all pumps are maxed and on if they are in use. insure you and riders have proper safety gear. The addition of radiation shutters will prevent rads from leaking to seek to install some of those, if you don’t know how they are on the structures tab and once built you can screwdriver/multitool them to change their signal then print a blast door controller from any auto lathe and attach it to a button or a remote signaler.

2.Refer them to the wiki, or tell them we don’t know

3.Countering Bolas is rather easy; all you need to do is keep a close eye if they are holding one out
Now you are capable of catching items thrown towards you if you activate throw mode with an empty hand this could be done by clicking “THROW” taping R and holding down the space bar which toggles it for the duration of you holding down the button. Or don’t have legs.

4.I’d save the screenshot on my clipboard and wait for the round the end before posting it

Sorry if it’s hard to read my grammar is bad.

They respond:

“No, I mean I want the entire shuttle to be 3x3 with a functional 1x1 SM, and I don’t have one yet.”

Ideally you should try to find out by using a local server or codediving.

They respond:

“Oh, I need to hold down spacebar and tap R? Thanks!”

Please read mentor conduct here.

I should have done that before making this app.


i got soem questiosn too.

  1. someone aksed why he cannot install the cell into the phazon assembly. the last thing he did was secure the capacitator. what does he need to do?
    2.someone asks how to get the AI upload codes but without any one noticing.

Ah sorry, I should have asked for more information. On another note, I may be wrong here, but I don’t think a 1x1 chamber for a SM is possible as you cannot have a vent and scrubber on the same tile regardless of the layer. How long ago did you see this 3x3 shuttle?

1.The Phazon needs an artificial blue space crystal or blue space crystal to be installed before the power cell

2.Have the required access or take down telecommunications

  1. As an AI, how do I cryo?
  2. How do I make tea?
  3. “How the FUCK do I move?”

They respond:

They also send you a link to a screenshot.

Also, it’s possible. This is my SM shuttle from 5 days ago.

1.In the occ tab there is a button saying Wipe Core, make sure to ahelp before doing so.
2. You’d need to obtain tea leaves and grind it, then add some water 5u should be enough
3.You use the arrows keys to move, and if you prefer an easier way to do so press tab to enable hotkey mode which would allow the usage of W,A,S,D to move

all good have my plus 1+
you also have to add wires after the bs crystal ;3

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It appears I was wrong I could not tell how this contraption works exactly but I can try explaining it if you’d like, although I may be wrong.

  1. Correct

  2. Correct, though I think dried tea leaves give more tea powder!

  3. AHA, you have fallen for the classic trap! The person in question was a new arrival who didn’t know how to resist out of the shuttle seat. Try to keep very new players in mind!

+1, get in here.

Thanks for making me consider that possibility, I didn’t even think about that yet.


I’ll go with a vote of -0.5 for now then. If you can get a little better at engineering and maybe tell me how the 1x1 SM works then I’ll bump it to a +1.

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sorry for the posting here, just wanted to put in some insight

Glad to see a CE Main apply for mentor! I can’t rate due to not being a mentor but I’ll ask a question so other mentors can consider.

“How do I stop the SM from delamming? Is it really imminent?”

I will now pose my devious questions muahahah! Nah but fr, these are questions that I’m probably paraphrasing from what I’ve had myself or been asked. Pretend these are real Mhelps coming in.

  1. How do you make solid brass and work with it to make chairs and walls and armor and stuff?
  2. How do I sacrifice?
  3. help I keep killing this snake but it keeps coming back, what’s going on???

Bonus fourth question:

  1. Those are some nice living hours, But what about ghost hours?

1.Not too sure on how to make brass, but I think its done by mixing copper and iron in a beaker and if that dont do it try heating it up, mixing in a grinder.

2.As chaplain? or as a heretic? cause it REALLY depends

3.I have no idea sorry


That’s actually not how you do it, but the chem wiki page does say how to:
Bit out there, but hey, searching up “bronze” on the wiki does show it.

Funnily enough, I’ve gotten this question for all 3 possibilities (Including a blood cult)! But for now let’s just say “Yeah I’m a heretic and I have a guy I killed hidden in maints, now what?”.

I’ve seen this done now a couple of times, actually. Xenobio can make familiars with a stabelized gold extract. “Summons a pet companion when held. If it dies, summons a new one!”, you can then give it sentience and tell them to bite someone in specific. They can vent crawl, deliver some NASTY venom, and if they die in one or two hits, it’s alright, they almost instantly respawn back at the original xenobiologist.

I mean I did ask some hard questions, but I thought someone with the ammount of hours you had, you’d get some right! There’s also another thing I usually look for in the answers, the way you got them. It seems to be you were just relying on your personnal knowledge, but often you’ll want to get it from other places. The wiki, code diving, searching the discord, having your own private server to test things etc.
For now I’ll just give you a 0, but I might increase it later depending on your answers to other questions x)

T: +1.5 I think? Come on guys, keep your total, I’m bad at counting :frowning: