Antagonising 101, How to drive the round as an antagonist

This is a guide on how to drive a round and make the game actually fun.

Traitors, changelings, Blood brothers, incursion
This is a guide dedicated on how to do objectives the fun way, as well as some fun stuff you can do


Play with your food, Send threatening messages, trash their office/workplace, Attempt to befriend them, but poison their food, Get their coworkers to turn against them, brainwashing helps in this case, so can friends
Send dead bodies to them with the note “THIS COULD BE YOU”


Go to the respective person who has it And give them riddles like “You will loose something of great importance” Or ransom it back to them for cash. Or even just Threaten to destroy it unless they perform certain tasks for it



Hijacking is already fun in itself, as you defend in the cockpit against the crew trying to stop the hijacking attempt.

Get an admin to play dramatic music

Fun stuff to do as a traitor, BB ling, Or IAA

Hang your target in a public place saying “THOSE WHO BREAK THE LAW END UP LIKE THEM”

Sacrifice high risk items in the chapel

START A REVOLUTION, Plant evidence that the heads of staff are incompetent, rile the crew up into a mutiny!

Start a business that slowly kills people (Cigars with plasma, 2000 per shot paywall firing pin guns, Suicide explosive spears)

Threaten to buy Oh hi daniel unless the crew complies with your demands, destroy all communication consoles beforehand .

Emag a comms console and ask the syndicate to send a nuke ops squad, Be sure to have the nuke disk on so admins are more likely to cooperate.

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Revolutionaries and blood cultists:

These are antagonists that don’t usually require gimmicks to drive a round, as they are already station wide threats to begin with, but there are some things you can do to make it slightly more enjoyable

Guillotine your target in the bridge like robispshere from the french revolution

Threaten CC to send an ert, They have no power here! Also any admin would just not be able to resist not sending an ert when revs/ Cultists threaten CC.

Wizard, Heretics, and nuclear emergency

These are antagonists that already drive rounds by simply existing, Heretics due to murder, nuke ops to get that FUKKEN DISK, and wizards to murderbone medbay.

So no tips for them here, Try wording your prayers properly as a heretic and you may get answered

for malf AIs, I would suggest freaking out whoever you have to kill by bolting random doors near them, and blowing out lights in the room they are in. (overload button on the apc)

Not getting caught is also important for driving the round. If you can steal a pair of sechud glasses and sec comms you can put them on occasionaly to determine if you’ve been outed as a traitor yet.

At which point you want to switch identities, kill some rando assistant who is roaming maints, put on a gas mask to hide your face, wear his clothes/id and become the rando assistant.

security can and WILL try to ruin it all the second you start the fun… you must know how to evade sec so you may actually be able to preform your gimmick

  • keep a crew monitor. tracking the location of officers evading where they are and where they will be and it will protect you from accidentaly waling on 3 sec’s when you go to get your jaws o life
  • know how to get to space fast, keep space suit somewhere handy and an avalable exit… or just get space adapt. if you have been spotted and the red horde is comming for you. this is a good way to escape
    (space is a good safe area where you may message and toy with your targets in relative peace
    and poke sec in comms like the moustache twirling villain you are. very easy to evade to you just need to dive in deep space when hunted)
  • learn disposals diving
  • sec rely on stun based weaponery. get a wileding mask/helmet/glasses and a bowman’s headset
    to avoid getting shut down by a flash &or bang. other than that METH for speeed evasion and stun resistance
  • keep a bola/soap/bannana peal/beartrap handy. 33% to stop a sec in the hallway 100% in maint
  • dodging bullets needs you to learn the rythm of the guns and dodge in it
  • if sec have proven themselves to be bloodthirsty psychopaths. you may be able to get the AI on your side. AI’s (SHOULD) not be a secman in the colud but a seperate entity with the main goal of preventing harm. and if sec happens to be the ones causing harm to pirsoners and others. (and grante you have also not proven yourself dangerous in the eyes of the AI). you could argue to the Ai that assisting sec in your capture is crew harm and it should not do so
    sadly due to the fact that the AI is unable to preceve the small details. it might notice sec is murderous AFTER their first or second display of homocide so you may have to inform is personally. even if it doesnt beleave you it will keep it in mind next time it watches sec go at ya and if you need to imploy this tactic its probably already hunting you so what you got to loose
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Or just do crimes out in the open in front of as many witnesses as you want: after all, only sec and command can stop you, everyone else is validhunting and fucking cringe!

(This is sarcasm by the way.)

“I used to attack because it was the only thing I knew. Now I attack because I know it works best.”

Attacking is always the superior option as an antagonist.

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I’m confused. Can you define “attacking” please?

Gimmick Antag is superior

I want to test this out but I’m unrobust

Correction, carp man is superior

Also, use the obscure/rarely used stuff that the Average Redman won’t know what it is/how to counter.
-bluespace crystals, teleport you randomly, go near a window and use it to (hopefully) get to the other side
-Desynchronizer, makes you invisible and invincible for five minutes, you can cancel at any time
-quantum spin inverter, pair of them lets you swap places
-experimental syndicate teleporter is a nice choice for getting around
Some more job specific ones:
-red and blue cubes from mining are god tier getaway, press one to go to the location of the other
-hierophant club has a 3x3 area teleport
-gentle bluespace lets you teleport back to a saved location
-thermal retrostable displacement lets you heat yourself up to go back to a cool place. Combine this with fever for constant teleportation
-my personal favorite combo of traitor items is briefcase launchpad and storage implant, position the briefcase before you’re caught and use it to zip straight out of there

Even if it’s a simplemob, it will help you a lot, be it communication, distraction, or even dragging corpses away.
This is why most things that can create another sentient are sooo expensive (we don’t talk about xenobio).
Contractor kit is 20tc
Construct kit is 20tc
Holoparas are 18 I think?
All of these are REALLY REALLY GOOD.

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Imagine coming into a thread about creating interesting rounds as antag and advocating the boring, anti-fun objectives runs that you do.


This thread also proves why extended is a terrible gamemode in general, All jobs revolve around there being antagonists? Healing viruses? negated by the fact that antagonists don’t exist This leaves most jobs with nothing to do, roleplay can be fun, but a story requires antagonists to keep it interesting.

You rarely win as a contractor though. you can’t knock people out as fast as an abductor and you don’t have much weapons to protect yourself from since you’re out of TCs.

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Update on guide

DO NOT follow the guide above whatsover, because security loves validhunting, any sighting of being valid results in you getting permaed/ borged, DO NOT FOLLOW THE GUIDE WHATSOVER AND MURDER ALL OF SECURTIY!!


Sad but true, Tried something different as antag yesterday but got shut down before I even got started.
No RP at all, just one bonk from the baton, cuffed, strip searched, check headset for encryption key, implant check/removal and perma’d all on a green alert not even 20 minutes in.


Trying to do a fun gimmick always ends up like this. Try and do some fun crap? Security arrests you for refusing a random bag search and now you are being executed for having some combat gloves.

Remember getting permaed for having syndie cigs and beer, good times

MFW anyone can get those from cargo or from hidden stashes.