Antag strawpoll

i thought it would be fun to do a poll on what people’s favorite antags are

  • Traitor
  • Malf AI
  • Blood Brother
  • Changeling
  • Nuclear operative (including the clown one)
  • Blood Cult
  • Revolutionary
  • Clock Cult
  • Wizard
  • Abductor
  • Blob
  • Xenomorph
  • Monkey
  • Sentient Disease
  • Space Ninja
  • Death Squad
  • Revenant

0 voters

it’s multiple choice aswell

let me know if I’m missing your favorite antag or something

putting clown ops in with regular ops is a bruh moment

Voting ling gets you perma banned, fyi

why the fuck would you vote ling

Frick, I forgot to vote revenant.

Changelings are my favorite role to play for the roleplay alone, with traitor you’re still yourself no matter what you do, but with changelings you can attempt to replicate the next person you absorb making it more interesting, as long as you aren’t in it to just go around murdering everyone you see.

Ling just gives me an excuse to act more intimidating than usual, since my normal character isn’t a lunatic who would kidnap people and rave at them, but a ling is anything you want it to be.

Lets be honest though, is probably the interesting antagonist, since they have so many different approaches to everything.

:b:ators master race, you get the more gud objects wihout being an op god of death that will kill every greytide that comes across for no resin.
Also it allows some good gimmicks like making human :b:eans as tator chef wich is pretty epic according to Ben Shapiro so :b:ator ftw


No u

20 character bad

no one likes bloodbroter

I don’t necessarily dislike lings as an antag, it’s the fact that most ling players literally SPAM RECALL for like two hours straight, while murderboning the station. It gets annoying, especially when we have no admins on to send in a death squad or something.


Changelings are fun to play as, but very unfun to play against, with their half a dozen different “I win” cards and nigh undetectability.
Plus nobody likes spam recallers.