Anonduble cringe ban


**Admin’s CKEY:**kasual

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**both

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**7 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-03-03 00:25

Round ID: 13081

**Ban Reason:**Admitted openly in OOC to bombing another player in pre-round. Immediately DCd afterwards. Global server ban auth Bass.

**Appeal Reason:**i was antag and i admitted in already finished round that i bombed that boy midround

**Additional Information:**real bruh moment

As in the round was completely over? Were you seriously banned for utilizing a bomb on someone after they green texted!?

lmao yes
20 20 20 20

B R U H.

kasual pls you’re a goodmin don’t RUIN IT

This is just embarrassing.

Hang on guys, don’t jump on the wagon right away and lynch me. Doing that would be the real embarrassing thing to do with out both sides.

I’ll go pull the OOC log quick then check the game logs. The point for this was that a person was asking why they weren’t liked and why they were killed. This beaned boy here responded a couple of times that he killed him for absolutely no reason. Here is the screenshot I used when asking for my authorization.


Because they DC’d within 60 seconds of saying that and I had no context, I banned them as if they were guilty without being to bwoink, as is our current procedure. Give me a few minutes to pull the full logs/context.

he was annoying so i bullied him, my objectives were to kill chemist and steal ai, i saw dead chemist in medbay so 1 objective was completed and i detomatix bombed that orion-boy, and i left because man gotta sleep

So you had 1 of 3 objectives done, and bombed a person because they were annoying.

chemist boy was then cloned or something so i bombed his ass too, he survived so i killed him again in maints later

Regardless, I’ll pull logs and lower or remove the ban as necessary.

by the way that was detomatix so he only lost his id and went deaf for few minutes

Wait so was this bombing still after the round end? It wouldn’t matter how many objectives he completed if the round has officially ended.

midround, i just woke up and englando hard

Here was the OOC conversation that was said in the lobby of the round after the bombing.

[2020-03-03 00:15:48.196] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "seruously, why all the hate? what the fuck did I do? isn' thatt metagrudging" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:04.219] OOC: Anonduble/(Anonduble) "thats why i detobombed his ass" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:09.499] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "what" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:13.539] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "you werent antag" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:20.753] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "you fucking tried to kill as non antag" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:33.409] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "the guy who just said he bombed me" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:43.131] OOC: Anonduble/(Anonduble) "bruh" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:52.669] OOC: Anonduble/(Anonduble) "yes i bombed you" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:16:57.130] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "seriously why does everyone htate me" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:02.448] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "what did I do" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:20.098] OOC: Anonduble/(Anonduble) "i just randomly bombed you for fun" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:25.891] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "as non antag" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:34.188] OOC: Anonduble/(Anonduble) "traitor is non antag?" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:38.203] OOC: Anonduble/(Anonduble) "bruh" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:43.745] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "i wasnt antag" (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2020-03-03 00:17:47.322] OOC: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy) "mor did i act like on" (start area (8, 174, 1))

Here is the bomb detonating

> [2020-03-02 23:05:11.338] GAME: Anonduble/(Pinkie Kittey) triggered a PDA explosion on PDA-Taurus 'Orion' Kuiper (Assistant) at Command Hallway (0, 0, 0). (Emergency Shelter (160, 41, 5))

The rule for murderboning is half your objectives completed, rounded up. You say your objectives were to kill a chemist and steal the AI. That combined with escape gives you three objectives. You needed to complete two objectives to murderbone.

The only time one of the two chemists died was here, which was an hour after you detonated the PDA bomb.

 > [2020-03-03 00:02:28.607] EMOTE: CommanderAmoeba[DC]/(Garrett Hoover) seizes up and falls limp, his eyes dead and lifeless.... (Aft Maintenance (93, 79, 2))`

On top of that I see no signs that you stole the AI. These two things together mean that you did not complete objectives to murderbone. Even if you did somehow see a random person in a chem jacket and assumed it was your mark (which would be wrong, and probably didn’t happen) you didn’t complete the second objective that would have let you bomb the guy.

You never interacted with Kuiper, and you bombed his ass from lavaland for yelling annoyingly in comms without saying anything.

Now for my misunderstandings. When I originally applied the ban I saw the conversation and my ticket here.

> ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #1: The Maggot Guy/(The Maggot Guy): anonduble literally admitted to bombing me for fun as a non antag

I missed the part where you said “traitor is non antag?” which would have led to me asking Maggot why he said you weren’t an antag. Also based on the context I thought he was killed in the bombing.

Since you didn’t remove him from the round, its a far less severe break of antag conduct, instead of removing someone from the game as a self-antag. The ban is clearly too harsh with these circumstances, which is the point of appeals.

I don’t like that a player with 400 hours is trying to say they don’t know the murderbone rule, and trying to lie about completing an objective. Regardless, well call the antag conduct break time served. I’ll remove the ban, the ban note, and add a more appropriate note.

I’ll leave the thread open for a bit more for discussion and other admin opinions.

i got your point but I swear to God that I saw my target dead with soul departed but later he was somehow still alive so I bombed and esworded his jewish ass

Why did you update that text… it was kool but you UPDATED with BAN worthy POSTING