Anonduble banned by whyiscaeciliustaken


**Admin’s CKEY:**whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: bruh gold is dead

**Ban Type:**jobban (Brainwashed Victim, Deathsquad, Drone, Lavaland, Mind Transfer Potion, Posibrain, Sentience Potion Spawn)

**Ban Length:**perma

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-02-05 19:05

**Round ID:**12219

**Ban Reason:**Random killing as a xenobio spider, kept respawning to continue when killed

**Appeal Reason:**during cult round spiders were made to “kill cult” so i spawned as spider but bruh i dont know who is cultist im just spider so i was killing every possible cultist just like other spiders

**Additional Information:**only 1 person was banned, guess who

thats a shitty excuse. It was heavily explained that round that mobs understand intent. Only silicons don’t. So you knew what kill cult meant. It did not mean kill everyone. Also, admins do have logs. They would know who was spawning in the most and who started attacking at random first. Saying “I did it cuz the other spiders did it” is just a shitty excuse. I do a perma ban is overkill though.

Perma job ban for spiders that were admin spawned is not really okay. He might have abused the role but even abusing ghost spawns is not a perma

This was supposed to have been lifted as it quickly became clear to me afterwards how chaotic the situation was, which was why nobody else got banned. Therefore, I will lift this when I get home.

That being said, don’t do stuff like this again.

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The admin did not spawn in the spiders. The spiders were Xenobio made, and their objective was to kill the cultists on the station.

Should be lifted now

sorry for the inconvenience.

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