Announcing the retirement of Acacia

We have formally retired our low-pop/overflow server Acacia as of the time of writing.

This server was originally intended to help us maintain pop whenever Sage reached its pop-cop, however our playerbase seldom used it and it unfortunately fell by the wayside. Retiring this server allows us to refocus our efforts entirely on Sage.

Note: As an additional change, we have also removed our upper pop-cap. Meaning players will no longer be redirected away from Sage when the total number of crew exceeds our standard cap. Crew cap has been increased to 100.


This is fantastic news


cant wait to see what 100 men on sage does to the beestation player mind. Truly we shall return to the days of old where Security would peer from the depths of the brig to a sea of 30 assistants eager to relieve them of their duty and batons


Where will I now do my long and complex engineering and science projects?

You will be missed Acacia, with your 3 player high pop :saluting_face: (though i was never quite sure how to pronunce your name)


Open up a local server. ez

That requires slightly more effort than pressning a button on a website…

Though more seriously local servers atmos kinda behave odd and you’ll sometimes get different results

With this we can do code bounties to fix atmos or maybe even triple the admins’ salary!

So, acacia is finally gone, without no warning in sight. Would have been nice to see the whole Acacia gang back together one last time, oh well, the memories will stay with me. Thank you Acacia!

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I remember one time i hopped on acacia because someone was gonna teach me something, it was truly unique to learn how… everything played out, almost like a different realm

There were like six SSD bodies across the station, all equipped with different gamer gear , they all had AA, hell even the HoP line had like twenty AA id’s on the table it was truly a weird sight, almost like you could feel the history of that 7 hour round.

Another time i decided to observe a 2 player round and found out two players were metacomming and playing around, they were walking on full syndie suits and just doing whatever, i ended up becoming a xeno queen, roleplayed with them a bit and eventually the shuttle arrived(god that was on pubby now that i remember) and i just walled myself off and wave’d them good bye(old xenoqueen that had to hijack and leave no one on board)

Well… :salute: Acacia and let’s see those daily 100 pop shift!!!11one


Cant wait for the assistant battle royal, fighting for jobs, those left without one are banned :saluting_face:

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Aye, probably could have given additional notice. I’ll take the blame there. With the maintenance already on-going I thought it’d be the best time to wind things down.


You heard it here first folks, all players that had at least +10 hours on acacia this past week get exactly ten beecoins as compensation for taking their ?golden picture command moment!

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I would wager that the folks acting like acacia entitled them to uninterrupted projects and experimentation played a factor in the decision to shut it down.


People did that because not everybody knows how to host their own server to test stuff. And let’s not pretend like there also weren’t people who joined with the sole intention of rolling loneop and screwing over the other guy.


I will miss 20 hours of shifts! You did good Acacia. But, i guess closing it is the correct decision.


I’m not even talking about uninterrupted by antagonists, I’m talking about joining as crew and both of the other two people online wanting absolutely nothing to do with me because they aren’t even remotely interested in interacting with someone else.

But heaven forbid the antagonist do any antagonizing at all too.

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Why not just antagonize on Sage?

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that’d require a degree of robustness


Where`s beebot ?acacia command?

It’s so sad that Acacia died of ligma :pensive:

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