Animal hospital rework

title: Animal hospital tools

Summary: Doing any surgery as a veterinary of the animal hospital in lavaland takes forever. Everybody takes a ton of damage, so rescue your fellow doctors can take you your next 5 minutes.

My suggestion is to add advance surgery tools for them. If you don’t won anyone to loot this you could make the veterinarians spawn with them.

Why it’s good for the game: It could incentive people to play as the veterinarian’s since you would get what an average doctor of the station usually gets.

Others additions that I would like to suggest are: an organ harvester, a limb grower, an organ storage unit with random organs inside and a mysterious monitor in the break room that show the HOP offices.

People use animal hospital for something besides rolling their lives away in the greed ruin?
Consider me surprised.
While we are at it: some new ruins would be neat.


I just won the animal hospital to be actualized. I bet it was added many years ago and receive no care after and be almost forgotten


Tiny fans on the ruin would be nice, too. As it stands, one open door and the room is flooded with CO2 and BZ.

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Only ever used it a few times if miners were having a bad day. Due to how much damage is taken by the time they are retrieved, it can easily take 10m+ from lack of tools.
(repair 500 dmg (usualy without tech), unhusk?, give blood?, repair/replace organs that are needed?, defib)

I would also say that if the intention of the role is search and rescue, please give the ruin more internals and add sec lights, the only light available is from desk lamps (that you have to hold or drag)

(Optionally re tool the name and objectives into dedicated Search&Rescue placed there by CC itself)

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Unfortunately with the current setup of lavaland the hospital only exists to allow people to latejoin doctors or get raided by miners/golems/ashwalkers.

The docs themselves do not have proper paramedic equipment that can allow them to rescue miners.

the doctors can’t also be a vet because lavaland fauna surgery doesn’t exist.

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They have the equipment to rescue miners around five times, though. Husked? Remove the head, humanize a monkey, attach the head, defib, then hit with ear and eye medicine to fix the fact that their head was burnt and rotting.

A handful of people (including myself) like to rescue miners with it, and regarding surgery taking forever to revive… you have a full chemistry kit too.

Odds are pretty decent you won’t have more than three decayed corpses to deal with at any point.

Synthflesh is for dealing with husked corpses, as well as for healing the immense burn (plus potential brute) damage. Save monkeys for decayed corpses, and assuming you took the role to be a lavaland paramedic, stay on top of your miner’s suit sensors to make sure they don’t have time to decay (15 minutes from death defibrillation becomes impossible even if you restore everything).

Oh but I can’t make infinite blood machine

You have two options to acquire blood for Synthflesh:

  • Draw your own blood and take Iron + Saline Glucose supplements. This is less intensive on your chem dispenser, as your body is very efficient at producing its own blood with this supplement.
  • Draw your own blood once and dump mutagen on top of it just like a machine would do. This is safer because you don’t run the risk of accidentally overdrawing your blood and slowly suffocating to death.

Formaldehyde is also notable because it will immediately stop organ decay (this is why epi pens have 1u formaldehyde). This has no effect on the 15 minute timer, just prevents the organs from becoming non-functional and adding extra steps to the healing process.

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