An Ode to Fastmos

It is a problem since it is literally better than any weapon/anything else in the game right now.

I’ve never seen it happen, not before we had fastmos or right now.

Yeah, just wait til more people find out just how strong the firelocks are.

just remove all firelocks alltogether

Sorry for necroing this post but something I wanted to clear up.

Fastmos was coined on paradise station. Alffd, Purpose, Flattestguitar, and I were running a test server instance and I said “what if significant tile pressure differences could throw things?”. Paradise used a VERY SLOWLINDA at the time. Wheb I say slow, it would take half a round to vent the boxstation atmos room.

As part of the throw things pass, LINDA absolutely had to be sped up or you could walk through the tiles and not be thrown. So, LINDA got a huge speed up too.

I wanted to call it Alffdmospherics but Alffd doesn’t like things being named after him. It got named fastmos instead (I cant remember who specifically coined it), and spread around the SS13 community quickly and further customizations and tweaks became a thing.

github/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/7213 which evolved into github/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/8241 (if you add the .com to github it will go to the PRs that created this phenomenon).

If the term fastmos existed even before this, then it’s purely coincidental.

I figured the ss13 historians out there would appreciate this!


Damn you created a whole account and made your first ever post to share this within the hour, unironically pretty cool
Hope you enjoy the forums ! (and bee, for that matter)


It was pure coincidence that I found this thread.

I remember the flurry of adaptations, alterations, and optimizations that followed in the months that fastmos was created and the absolutely wild discussions had about how it completely changed gameplay. The terms like death blenders and atmospheric traps…

I remember that it made some chemistry recipes go from annoying to downright lethal because if you knew exactly how to do it, you could disable a room of players by tossing a grenade in a room that would flash with high heat, creating a thermobaric effect that would launch everyone into walls and break things, but the heat would also spread so you could walk in shortly after and not be burned alive.

It did bring along some of its own issues though and while it had a good run, atmosbuse became kind of a one trick pony in some ways so I understand why many servers have been nerfbatting it hard. Its quirks were incredibly powerful in the right hands to the point it was killing suspension of disbelief harder than slowmos was.

Anyways, over time my focus shifted from high octane med RP gameplay to vibing HRP focused gameplay, and so I left behind a lot of these things.

I just wanted to share some history!