An insane mans guide to a simpler toxins setup

Was asked a little while ago about my setup and havent really had a chance to walk them through it so I may as well do a write up about it. I also havent seen anything like this before… so im curious if anyone has had the same or simmilar ideas

What you need:
-3 cans oxygen
-1 can plasma
-3 portable air pumps (grab one from outside engineering)
-2 Tier two thermo machines
-RPD and tools (provided)

The fundementals are the same as every other guide.
Oxygen tank:
-550kpa trit then topped up with oxygen to 2533 kpa Cooled to 43-44 kelvin

Plasma tank:
-2533kpa plasma of temp above 80000 Kelvin (i believe, I go way higher so it shouldnt matter)

The setup is where I put my own spin on things due to the addition of tempreature gates, allowing a simpler and more automated process.

Guide done on box station but works on any.
Pre burn set up should look something like this:

Tritium is brought into the blue pipes via the filter and cooled in a contained area before being compressed into a single tile via the tempreature gate once its colder than 44 kelvin.

The meter to the left of the filter also doubles as a real time indicator of the burn chamber tempreature. shown later.

Start dumping in the 3 cans of oxygen to the burn chamber and pump the contents of a 4th into 1 of 3 air pumps:
Place on the spare freezer at minimum:

Once all 3 cans of O2 are added, change the imput gas pump to 50kpa and the chamber scrubber to Expanded | Tritium

Double check that all the machines and filters are set correctly then start adding the plasma.


Tritium will start siphoning off into the blue pipe.

As stated earlier. the left meter will show a real time tempreature. when you reach a desired tempreature (I like to go for 300,000 Kelvin) go back to the scrubber and add plasma to it

this will put plasma directly into the right air pump

If the tempreature gate ever stalls out. just bump temp up to 45Kelvin

Base ingredients made, now to assemble.
Empty a plasma and oxygen tank as usual using a portable scrubber.

Oxygen tank:
Tritium pump, 550 kpa In
Oxygen 2533 kpa In

Plasma tank:
2533 kpa In

End results

Combine. Signaler and detonate on the testing range

And thats it.
No more fiddling with the wiki guide of mid burn modification and needing to time everything out perfectly. Once the plasma is burning only 1 button push is needed to siphon off hot plasma and the pipe before the filter will tell you exactly when to.

Hope this helps.

I find 110kPA gets you enough tritium if you turn off the burn when the volume starts to drop, so you can probably get this done faster with that.


110 on the chamber input you mean? Ill give it a shot and see. timing isnt a thing so can probably be done much faster

Update to that. It does work. chamber (and the plasma) only reaches 100,000 Kelvin but seems to be enough. Tritium cuts it close tho. only 15 mol left (142 kpa in a handheld tank)

Setting to 110 and waiting for the filter to siphon out all the trit before hitting plasma on the scrubber should work.

If you care about going fast

Speedrunning it came to just under 9 min from round start

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130 works too. Below ideal tritium yield, but it still reaches max research.

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I’m fact, somehow, despite only making 500kPA, 150kPA input works.

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