An apology from your bestmin


Still waiting for my antag token from that round

Although it sounds like a decently bad mistake, your handling of it sounds really amazing, we’re proud of you. RIP mat05usz, some time before 2002 - 2020

I cannot give you one currently, please talk to other admins.

fellow player who loves playing shitfaced runk here bro.


SS13 & alcohol is actually a blessed combo. Getting deadminned for that would be supercringe.
Although you’ve convereted into a cringe Felinid player… You’re OUR cringe felinid player.
I’m not drunk, i pinky promise!!!1!

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I am not felinid, please stop offending me :’(

Mat is back B)


You are always welcome to come shit post in Msay and take refuge from the horrid ASAY.
In all seriousness glad you’re back though man.

Next time you super drunk just based adminbus bro.

Thanks for kind words mate