An apology from your bestmin

Hello, this is your bestmin speaking. You might know me for selling catgirls or ending rounds randomly. I would like to talk about that last one. I did a fucky wucky while super drunk and rebooted the server, I immediately self reported to headmins and had a discussion about it, just wanted to say sorry to anyone involved. Heard people got their tokens, but I don’t feel it is enough. Just want you to know that I feel sorry I fucked up your round and will try to do better. Love ya all!


I honestly can’t tell if this a shitpost or not. :pensive:

No this isn’t, this is an honest apology.
(also I have been deadminned because I asked for it, this is a piece of info to anyone interested)

I was literally just about to ask that. You on leave or retiring or what?

I need to sort private stuff, so yeah, somewhat on a leave.

Ah, I’m sorry to hear that. Hope you get whatever it is sorted. If you do choose to come back at a later date I’ll look forward to it. Also in regards to the round ending thing, shit happens. People will understand that, I’d recommend not adminning while drunk though.

Thank you for kind words! I didn’t want to admin, but saw all other mins to deadmin and decided to stay ‘alive’. And this stuff happened…

no janitor anymore so we can metafriend again :flushed: fuck janitors gang

You didn’t metafriend me while jannie? Traitorous catgirl…

Shit happens. You did the right thing contacting headmins to get it sorted. Nothing you can do besides learn from it, apologize, and move on.

It’s exactly what I am doing, hope people are not super mad I ended the round prematurely.

You should know how this goes. Most people will understand the reason and accept it and move on. And a small minority might scream “muh janies…” in ooc for the next 3 rounds then forget it.

I still think you handled it well though. (In regards to fixing your fuckup)

Yeah I know, but still the need to apologize publicly was in me, so I did.

No I completely get why you made a public apology and I think that’s one of the reasons how you handled fixing it well. I was just saying that people really won’t be that mad.

I didn’t fix anything, I just self reported and went to sleep, headmins and others gave tokens, I was too ashamed for which I am sorry too.

If anything the guys got another custom traitor round or cool token to brag about.
I’ll miss getting free cattail or getting floorcluwned then memeing on [REDACTED].
Don’t let anything get the best of you and I hope to see you soon.

Also welcome to chad redpilled mentorgang :sunglasses:

You say this as if you don’t have a open admin app :pensive:

Never leave the meta gang please bro…

You get some, you lose some :weary:

Forgot to mention, I’ll miss in game interactions with you aswell.
Like when we opened shop together or when you shot captain instead of me (nukie) comming straight for you.

I am not kill doe, so I may kill captains in the future :flushed:

No please don’t gib me for gay love