An Analysis Of The SS13 Drug like formation, By Drew James Harvard - Harvard Study

As the readers might be informed SS13 is a “stockholm” like experience, but is it?

Well we are here to discover that, as you may have noticed SS13 is very addicting in fact some may say like a drug, well sir’s and sirettes we are here to analise that very concept and prove it right, As you may have seen from playing SS13 it is very dull, boring, samey, repetitive and so on, but why do we play it?

Because that is the very design phisolophy of SS13, the game itself is designed to be adctive and to captivate your attention, It first lures you in with its “deep mechanics” which lets be honest are not that deep, then snare you with the truth and reality of this shitty dull repetitive game, let me give you a example

As you can see it says “lol” that means in coder language “Local Outage Logging” the Local being for your computer, outage for the hypnotic sequence of the drug like Outages of power,
The logging is documentating your activity and reception to the sequence, and as i was writing this there was a “glizzy” debate of course it is to take visibility away from this message the truth that the Drug Lords or “admins” and Produces more known as “coders” dont want you to know is that you being mentally attacked while you play SS13 or its true name “Selective Similation” 1 being for the number of people have discovered the truth before and 3 for the exterminated victims so far, remember people SS14 is coming in and unity too, they only grow stronger by the day.

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This study was peer reviewed and approved by Donald Berns Oxford and Leah Trep Cambridge, with additional input by Carson N. Stanford.

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