An admin spawn only item for the chaplain religions

so, when your playing chaplain you rarely ever get anything even when doing lots of work. why? cus there’s nothing the admemes can give ya wich isn’t either overpowered or completely useless, so here are some item ideas for each religion in the game and some other popular ones

tough it may be the most common religion on earth, it is the most boring one in space but a good item would just be a flight potion possibly some halo item

Since Buddhism is based on reincarnation, how about giving them some sort of item wich when the chaplain dies, they get polymorphed and resurrected, the amount of uses would be probably one but more uses could be added from the gods

since chaos has 4 very different gods there would have to be 4 different items to give

  1. Khorne: simple, a nerfed version of the berserker armour
  2. Tzeentch: possibly a wand of polymorph? don’t know a lot about him so someone more versed in 40K lore could help me
  3. Nurgle: easy, a virus wich can only be caught by entering the chapel or praying, the virus could contain many good simptons but also some bad ones
    4.Slanesh: [REMOVED FOR ERP]

HONK HONK, a honkrender ofcourse, maybe a couple, maybe 10 why not give them 69 honkrenders and see what happens HONK honkmothers staff should be enough

Simple, make them a giant squidperson who can only speak gibbering but has armour and a powerful meelle

Dont know enough about it to write about it

Gib them

Simple, a virus wich turns people into humans or anything else wich turns people into humans

don’t know enough about real life religion for this one

Like Islam don’t know enough about it

Also gib them instantly



Dont know enough about real life religion yadda yadda


Summon pasta spell?


A devil contract of their choice


Gives the RD servers 10000 research poins

Yadda yadda yadda yadda


  1. do the Greytide virus to open the brig
  2. summon insuls and fully stocked toolbelt



Here are some other popular religion

Cult Mechanicus
An item, wich when used will fully augment someone with cyborg limbs, upgraded organs and other mechanical implants

Carp Cult
a group of sentient spacecarps and spacesharks

A lamp with infinite light range

There it is, a bunch of stuff wich really arent at all fairly balanced but hey, chaplain never was balanced

Spawns a space bear in the chap office

allow the chaplain to become jesus christ, forced white jesus look and robes, cant hurt anything + pacificist trait, no obvious upsides

upsides include being able to revive after 72 hours (real life time) and turning water into wine

Make a spell that turns any held water into wine

Might be more balanced to allow this only if they haven’t killed/attacked anyone (since non-violence is the core belief in Buddhism)

Give the chaplin a special piece of paper that will allow them to create a religious golem that is slaved to them, they are required to make sure the golem drinks holy water semi-frequently or it will loose control of the golem. You are able to destroy the golem quickly by spraying them repeatedly with holy water (to erase the word of god from the paper in their head)

Golems come from Judaism and would be created from clay and putting a piece of paper with the word god written in Hebrew in its’ head, and almost in every case the golem looses controls in stories

The chaplin would gain alien tech directly related to how much money they have from collecting funds from followers (they would get a tablet that they can link to people’s ID’s and part of their pay will go directly to the chaplin’s account, the chaplin would determine the dues members owe)

Your skin turns blue

You get a cloak that has a picture of Mohammad on it, pretty much a invisibility cloak because pictures of Mohammad are forbidden and taboo according to the Islam faith

You get a cursed emoji mask forced onto you

Edit: Just realized this was for overpowered items, but I still think the chaplin should be able to make their own religious golem

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well its for items wich arent overpowered but not useless for admemes to give to good chaplains who do good things like convert people into their fate and decorate the chapel and such and such oh and also blood sacrafices but thats just the norm