Ambrosia Muted on Discord

Ambrosia Muted on Discord

Discord ID: ambiic
Admin Discord ID: Chiryn (can’t find their Discord ID) and tinea
Ban Type: Mute
Ban Length: Permanent
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 19th January 2023

Ban Reason: Three warnings received, one point each.

  1. constan use of :snip: emoji, along with other arguably worse ones
  2. nword in meme
  3. don’t post a video of the dildo hoverboard

Three 0 point warnings not listed here.

Appeal Reason: Been told by roughly 3 people to basically get out of the salt-mines the past seven days. I just started experimenting about mapping and coding and really want to talk to folks in the related channels. I am terribly sorry for what I’ve done, it is clear to me that it was wrong and I’ve had a long time to think about it.

Additional Information: Additionally, I don’t have Nitro anymore so I am not even able to post the snip emote.

Lifted the following warning:
1 point warning 1043369245498683422 issued by mystery3525#0 for don't post a video of the dildo hoverboard

You’ll still be on two points, meaning that another warning will automatically mute you once more - be mindful of that please.