Ambiic Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Ambiic

Your Discord: ambiic

How long have you been playing ss13?: 13 months between 2022-08-06 and 2023-09-25 for 2104 hours.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: @notebe96, @XeonMations, @aramix, @boombaklops, @PinkSuzuki, @bleue, @Emboes, and @Doktorwueue.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
My main experience lies in the Science and Medbay departments, but I’ve played a lot of low-pop and whether through my own will of not I’ve assisted various departments.

Lavaland roles if applicable.


Hohoho, if it isn’t Aramix Ambiic. Time to ask some questions! Pretend that you’re already a mentor, there’s no other mentors online and you get the following mhelps, how do you answer?

  1. hi, can apids make honey?
  2. I’m an engineering cyborg, can you tell me if and how I can build an APC from scratch?
  3. As a roboticist am I allowed to have insuls equipped?
  4. I’m the last cultist alive, help, what do I do?!!

Yes, by using 50 sugar they can produce honeycombs from the crafting menu (drinks category) which contains 25 honey and works like a small beaker. Would you like to know more?

Take your iron and turn it into an APC module. Next bring it to the desired tile for it to be on and face the wall yourself whilst standing on top of the APC module now use a screwdriver on it, this will put it on the APC on the desired wall. The remaining steps are not unusual for APC construction. Wish for me to explain them?

This is an admin question to which I am unfortunately unable to answer for you.

This depends on what you want to do. If your goal is to get allies to assist you you should try to convert foes to your side. How this is done will differ depending on what type of cultist you are. As a part of the Blood Cult may use a offering rune and a Nar’sie plushie as a substitute for a second cultist to convert a subject. As a part of the Clockwork Cult you may simply teleport yourself and your subject back to The Eminence using your Clockwork slab. Additionally, you are able to revive existing cultists if they are still available. Would you like to know more or have additional information?

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“Yeah uh, how do I put a power cell in?”

Hehe, the classic trap rules question. Mentors also have a button to elevate mhelps to ahelps you can use.

This is a good answer! Knowing which cult they meant was an important part of it, getting a nar nar plush to help is indeed a good idea and reminding them to just revive dead cultists if possible is nice. I’d also recommend you mention that sacrificing dead people as a blood cultist only takes one person to make a shard, which you can make a construct so you have a second “person” to help with conversions. Oh also if you tell them to get a nar nar plushie, might as well tell them to get them from a hacked chaplain vendor (or the warping rainbow room) and also that they only have 2 charges. But that’s just me being nit-picky.

I basically have my vote ready but I’ll let you finish answering question 2 first and maybe let other mentors ask some questions x)


You use the same cyborg equipment as you used to put in the APC electronics. It automatically creates a simple standard power cell.

Edit: Electroadaptive Pseudocircuit if you’re looking for a specific name.


Anyway, good hours, a lot of vouches, good answers, I’m happy to give my +1 now (maybe a couple more roboticist hours would be nice).
T: +1


Not a lot of assistant hours… lets do tider questions then.

  1. How to hack an airlock?
  2. How can I make my own music for the instruments?
  3. I try to do surgery on myself but it keeps failing, why is that?
  4. Found a skeleton in maints, how do I become that?

You’ll want to find the testing wire and pulse it or cut it. To find it you’ll need to pulse each wire one by one until you notice the testing light turns off. When it does you can crowbar it. However, you’ll want to avoid hitting the bolt wire, if you notice a beep followed by red lights above the door then it has been bolted and you’ll have to pulse it again to unbolt it.

Potential follow up question: “I clicked through every wire and now none of them are reacting to my pulses.”

When the testing wire has been pulsed the power to the door is effectively gone. You’ll need to find which wire it is which means cutting and mending each wire until the power has been restored. Pulse each wire and verify its changes pay attention to the bolts and the testing lights.

By using any available Midi software you can make your own songs which you can then use Midi2Piano to convert to a format SS13 can use. Additionally, you could attempt this in the in-game menu by using an instrument and writing in your own notes line by line.

You may be severely unlucky. Ensure you have a good environment to do surgery on yourself you need to use a surgery table and when you are you can only do it on your arms, legs, eyes and mouth. Groin, torso and head is off limits. Using sterilizer and other reagents will increase your chances of success.

Chaplain are able to raise an undead skeleton from the ghost pool. Additionally, skeletons can be found as Pirate Crew, Wizard transformations and the Halloween event where you can join the shift as a skeleton.

low assistant hours however, lots of hours, lots of vouches, clean record and friendly from I’ve seen in discord



Knowledgeable player and always willing to teach people in game. Here’s some questions:

1- Help the emitters are wired up and turned on but they won’t fire
2- How do I make plants that inject people with bungotoxin if they slip on them?
3- Am I allowed to kill an antagonist who killed me

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Vote of confidence.


Good answers.

You can also have someone put your brain in a skeleton then apply strange reagent to revive the body, since you cant defib a skeleton. I was specifically waiting for this answer ;(

T: +4

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I am very happy to see this application. Ambiic will be a great mentor, that’s for sure. I will ask 2 questions due to low atmos and viro hours.

1-) I am atmos tech. Chemistry is burning with plasma. What do i do now to fix?
2-) Hey, I made my virus and its an absolute killer one. It will kill everyone for sure. What do i do now to release my virus to the station?

  1. i cant research the phazon. was it removed as i cant seem to find the research.
  2. how do i charge my baton? do i change the Ais laws?

This may be because of time dilatation or lack of power. Time dilation is ironically fixed with… time while lack of power is usually fixed using a PACMAN generator. Would you like to know more?

You need the Hypodermic Prickles trait which you can get from Death Nettles. Would you like to know more?

This is an admin question to which I am unfortunately unable to answer for you.
elevates to ahelp

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1- Correct
2- How 2 make bungo??? Also plants aren’t slipping people :frowning:
3- Hehe trick question

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Phazon is was soft removed and is behind Exploration research disks. You need to go to do Exploration Missions (or alternatively simply go for unknown signals) and look for research disks. These disks can then be put into R&D to upload the disk to the “web”. Would you like to know more?

Weapon recharger. You can find ones around the station such as Brig and Brig outposts and Exploration.

Get an upload key from a Robotics Console (found in RDs office) then get an AI board (such as Asimov or Purge) and finally use said board on the AI Upload (found in the Upload room) and write in the key to upload the desired laws. Would you like to know more?

Aah, apologies. To make a Bungo Toxin you need to grow a Cocoa which you can buy from the MegaSeed Servitor vending machine which you then irradiate 3u until you get the Bungo Tree. After that you’ll need to combine the traits Hypodermic Prickles (Death Nettles) and Bluespace Activity (Blue-Space Tomatoes or Blue-Space Bananas).

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2- Small slip-up (badum-tss), you need the slippery skin trait for the stuff to actually slip people (and inject them) bluespace activity just makes people teleport.

The rest of your answers are fine though, so have a +1


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Jokes on you, I’ve been learning Atmospherics today for that very reason!

If it is contained, that’s great! Keep it contained by putting holofans on your exit from the outside and enter using a Atmospherics firesuit or hardsuit, if you don’t have holofans bring a scrubber and leave it on the outside of the door. After that you’ll want to reach the air alarm and go onto Operations Mode and select Panic Siphon. The entire room will shortly be a vacuum. You can then set the Operations Mode to Refill and finally once the room is at an adequate pressure you can set it to Contaminated. If you have an RCD available you can use it to VERY rapidly drain the room of any gases by removing the floor.

It depends on your virus. If it kills too quickly it might kill the host before it has a chance to continue spreading to the next person. How quickly is it?

Possible response #1: It kills very quickly.
Then you’ll want to spread it to as many people as possible. You can do this by putting 0.1u of the virus into a syringe and shooting as many people with it as possible. Alternatively, you can put this virus inside a Smoke Machine and anyone without a surgical mask or internals on will ingest it and be afflicted. Would you like to know more?

Possible response #2: It kills slowly.
Inject it into a target, maybe even yourself and allow it spread naturally. Be sure to have the cure ready for yourself if you choose to inject it into yourself. Would you like to know more?