Am badguy no gear halp

First things first:
Asses if he is rescuable, if yes, start preparing rescue.
Asses if you want to rescue him. If not you are solo tc less tot.

Done thinkin? Aigh’t, let’s start prepping:
As tedious as may be, tools, wires, insuls, heals.

Try for bs bodybag
Try for bag of holding (unless you have hand tele)
Try getting guns.

Out of luck? You only got tools and heals? No problemo.

Make 2 bolas, a baseball bat/cleaver, wooden buckler, take a fire extinguisher and make cuffs in backpack. Dump a shard and rod too. (Just one rod).
No sec lockers? That’s okay, print a spraycan/goggles/welding mask, earmuffs and get ready to get your buddy out/kill a guy. Now if you have tools you can do most things effectively and quickly. Look for fastest routes and try blocking off exits.

Upon entering, let’s say, genetics you can do many things to prevent target from escaping/seeing you kill someone. Spraycan the windows black, people cant see. Now there is no cd on tools and switching them, screw wirecut genetics cams, they will have time to scream so think of how to escape. DON’T TRY TO TABLECRIT, USE GLASS TABLES FOR STUN OR USE A KNIFE AND TABLE THEM TO DEATH TO PREVENT ESCAPE.

People really wanna go in, cuff them, go out, do some funky shit. You won’t, accept it.

But muh target sits in his autism fort all day!1!1


If it’s viro, that’s a slight bit easier, although viro is not as secluded believe it or not, medbay is constantly populated. Now viro doesn’t powerspike that much. With good RNG he can be a pain in the ass.

How to deal with viro late?:
Simple, vent workplace and wall it beforehand, if he starts teleporting, you in trouble. Cut his brain out.

If he has a problem dying, he is currently regenerating and once he hits that 70% healthy you better start spearing. Regen coma is easily countered by regen coma. He falls into a coma. Cuff him. Drag him into space and go ham, or atleast strip him naked or try to cut head off.

Those 4 are rare cases:
1, viro is full of bees but he doesn’t give a shit.
That means they heal him. Iirc they are not proof to atmos. Drag him out.

2, he don’t give a shit about your venting. Uh oh, he is pressureproof in some way. Or oblivious. This puts you on equal ground, use bolas or baseball bat + shield since viro rarely has weapons.

3, he is slow, spawns tendrils everywhere. He is slow. Using bolas is even better now. Tendrils? Instadeath. Hope it’s stealth 2 for gamer loot. Also he will fucking murder you in close quarters with his bonus damage and sometimes stunning. He will even try double shove → into tendril.

4, you hear gibbing noises while he is near a living creature.

Okay, this is by far a big problem for you. The viro has bonus resistances and will stab you upon proximity. He attacks 2x more than you and the weak one pierces shield. Kill him on spot. If he has regen coma you’re in fucking trouble, since if he took affecting while dead he will stab you if you try and take his head. Do not cuff a porcupine viro. Use range, shove into a table beat him a couple times and chuck shit.

It is not THAT powerful but it is damage while dead. What else can be said?

Med staff
Paramedic: put sensored jumpsuit on a corpse in maints, he will come and praise the guy for putting sensors to max.
Doctor: barely leaves, expect syringe guns but he will surely go out once in a while.

For chemist make pot/water nade with remote signalling, dispo yourself and mail him a grenade, don’t worry about bans as it helps with obj. and does not have mass collateral.

The science team:
Roboticist, grab flashproofs, bait him into flashing and use anything else or just stab him to death.

Nanites guy:
Hey remember viro? This is viro 2.
Take his nanites, scan them with a scanner, if it has defib chuck emps at him until he gets stunned, or use stunprod for corrupting it. He has ling adrenals.

OH FUCK OH SHIT. No. Make a maxcap. If you can’t make a maxcap this is the right time for tabling/stam damage. Choke him to death or use emp and watch him squirm. Also delete his cloud and replace it with paralisys to on.

They are batong reliant, bait it and bola.

Engineers: slightly more prepped assistants most of the time.

Atmos tech: he has the fireaxe. Use buckler or try bolaing.

Fusion tech: ask him to show you the atmos holofan, jump dispo and release his fusion.

Mime/clown, expect slips not much resistance otherwise.

Bartend: the shotgun ain’t that good it’s 2 shells just meele him as he tries to reload his super cool gun that does a lot in meele.

Cook: break his tables, flash or spray since they usually don’t have that. Using bola shove ->aggro grab throw out is great. Best way is to use ied’s to lure him out.

Botanist: depends on what plants he has growing, if he throws something run, it’s probably nitro corn.

Jannie: bear traps, watch your step, steal his carts for ez luring.

Sec: table + stunning if he calls backup you’re screwed. Use an emp to take his toys away or simply throw a monkey corpse at him they never see it coming.

Captain: usually batonless, has decent melee, bola him or use something like bear traps.

Chaplain: decent male, same shit. May be set on fire, take extinguishers.

Curator, watch what he’s wearing if he has indie jones kit ask him to light your cig and strike while he has legs deselected.
Otherwise decent melee or grudging ghosts.

Watch for mosins, if they have them get some yourself these fuckers deal a lot.
If WT they will pepper you down so you have little “moment to strike” advantage. Best way to go about his is to express order fuel tanks.

Miner: either dead or has hiero, if so focus on disarming him from hiero.

Ai and borgs: flash or tools through back + locker cover while you go in.

Assistant: either new or veteran, ask them a question about something specific if they say mentorhelp it or give answer they are more familliar with the game. Assistants have similar gear as you, it will be a fair fight. Use dirty tricks, flaming corpses etc…


Having an BOH and hand tele can actually be useful. If you are getting chased and you go through the hand tele portal. You will get randomly teleported while your pursuers follow you into the portal only to end up where you arent. Just make sure you have an space suit.


So amazingly useful. How do i come back though, sun tzu?

spacewalk like normal? lmao at worst just take a paper bin and throw paper. it’s a lot easier considering you have a boh anyways

Sun Tzu here with advice:
Odds of surviving marilyn bluetenberger and her metabuddy chasing you are lower than some pressure of space. Steal a skinsuit beforehand. Also fr my man be so perspective he threw bola at me since he heard me drink. that’s next level.

@KazooBard lmao Today they literally got fucked by a clown and mime tag teaming their ass I was fucking shocked