Alter Of The Gods +pilgrimagless

I was recently doing a cool gimmick which involved moving the alter of gods(with the nullrod) to a new better chapel but once i tried to use it and i realised it said ‘only usable on holy ground’ so then logically i started making the land into holy ground by blessing it with holy water (didnt work) so now im wondering is it really supposed to be like the kitchen which is linked to the actual map or is it supposed to function as i thought with holy ground but bugged (also why make altar movable if you can only use it in the chapel anyway)

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if you somehow find the CEs blueprints and rename the room you’re in to Chapel it could work

does xenobiology’s cerulean blueprint work in this case?

I’m a firm believer that being able to move the altar and use it would be great for everything. I think it’s corg that has the chapel completely disconnected from the outside world. Being able to somehow move it would be great.

I made the altar of the gods movable in this pr

And I made it only function in the Chapel area, could easily be removed if you want to


I think it would be better to change the Altar to actual blessed ground so you dont have to bug the CE to move the chapel to your Lavaland Megachurch


By ‘blessed ground’ do you mean tiles sprayed with holy water?


Yeah I mean the holy water tiles they mostly underused and would make sense

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Here it is, will probably take a while to be merged due to our maintainers being busy with IRL matters.


Fantastic change Wilson! I think this will facilitate many cool gimicks!!

Alright, it just got merged @Cursed_killer


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