All about that treble no bass headmins only like and subscribe

**Discord ID:**crusader

Admin Discord ID: @Bastian0930 Ban Type:

Ban Length: FOREVER

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**06/01/2020 I’m not American

Ban Reason: posting nsfw and saying n word

Appeal Reason: bass made a boo boo and I’m a big brained move both denied and locked my previous appeal cause he doesn’t make mistakes and told me to get a headmin

His defence is he has evidence someone else did it and lied about doing it so I too must be lying
He has evidence of someone else doing it but non of me cause he “doesnt Take screenshots of everyone he bans”
So if a headmin can prove I’m innocent I’d appreciate it

Additional Information: if no evidence exists to prove one way or other, he have to go on what we feel, I can say I never lie, check my other appeals and ask any admin if I have ever lied to them
I say we add a 2 admin ban chevk for discord if they can delete the messages and just say trust me it was NSFW as that’s as retarded

@Ruediger4 @Xlyana or @Lagomorphica save me obi wan your my only hope

This was approved on a different appeal.