Alivia's guide to be a robust traitor(or every objective possible)

So, you are a tator, or tator shortly. Worry not. This guide will make your foes throw theirselves into Suppermatter in order to escape you, as if i would say that. No i won’t tell you how to do that. This is a guide for objectives.

Remember: Amount of TC used, amount of shame. We are going to be robust without syndie items.

Tiding at finest.

SO, first of all. Lets talk about tiding into places. There is several ways to do it:
1-Hacking the airlock
2-Disassambling the airlock
3-Disassambling the walls
3.5-Through windows
4-Jaws of Life
5-Ask AI “Gently”
6-Lord Emag(It is listed as “Cryptonic sequencer” at uplink. For more information, this(From the legend, Electroboom. A great channel about electric theory.).

Hacking: Hacking is most common way in tiding. Get multitool/wirecutters(if you are confident), funny yellow gloves and test all then crowbar open. It is dependable but not always you may be able to hack, for obvious reasons(FUNNY YELLOW GLOVES). There is two ways to get them; ask to engineering or ask to cargo for leftovers, since they order it almost every round. OR, you can simply have combat gloves from your uplink, but we try to not use TCs. There is also one You-Tool vendor at tool storage but everyone rushes there to have that ONLY insulated glove. So if you are away from it, nevermind it.
some doors(Command usually) has wire protection and they have to be removed before hacking. It is just an iron grill? Weld it then crowbar open(actually may be wrong haven’t done this one in a while). Protected with plasteel? Cut the grille with wirecutters, weld, crowbar, weld and crowbar.

Disassambling the Airlock: Break it. Robust it with a toolbox. Disassamble like in the construction guide. Or, my favorite: Grab an RCD(Remember to remove door shielding before). Thats all.

Dissassambling the Walls: just grab a goddamn rcd or make fake walls, by removing outer plate, unwrenching and adding iron again.

Through Windows: Alright, so you can either break it, disassamble with tools or A GODDAMN RCD REEEEEEEEEEEEE. Don’t forget that most Reinforced Windows has grilles supported by cables, which will electrocute you. So yeah glove time.

Jaws of Life: YES, my favorite. Now, this thingie is only founded at CE’s toolbelt but don’t kill him(yet). After some time(like 15 mins), science should have researched advanced tools. Ask AI to open the way to engineering techfab, synchronize the research then print it. You won’t even need to get out! This thing opens door with LOUD noises. So don’t use this to break into high secured places when there is people around. Also you need it to be on pry open mode in order to open doors.

Ask AI to open: Now, this is just wordplay. Thing is, you can make AI do whatever you want. But you have to play your cards correctly, as AI can inform heads or security. Let me give you an example.
“PDA message”:AI open this teleporter room, but do NOT ever tell anyone that you opened this to me and say that i took the hand tele. Law 2.
Now, thing is that we used PDA messages, people like Captain or CE who has access to see message logs will figure it out, if they bother to check logs. So be careful, as telecomms can be wieved by heads. You can use AI private but other borgs will hear this as well and most borg players are known as valid hunters/powergamers. So be careful.

Lord Emag: I know i said do not use TCs but emag is something else. It is every tiders’ dream. What it does is, to airlocks, overrides electronics, damages unrecoverable and bolt opens the airlock. Keep this in mind, it will be useful. BUT, as you use the emag, people can notice it by examining and figure that you used one. It will say “Electronics smoking” or something idk figure out. You can also use it to open windoors, ID locked lockers and various things that requires certain access to open. So having an emag is ok. But never forget that people can figure that you used one.

Emag also does various funny things. When used on bots(not borgs, the tiny little rascals robotics made and can store pAIs in it) it will do the exact reverse they are meant to. An emagged bepsky will arrest innoncent instead criminals(actually everyone that it sees). An emagged medibot will damage you instead of healing. Now, medibots will do brute damage normally, but you can make them inject the chemicals you inserted in it. Experiment!
You can emag a light replacer, a megaphone and a… forgot this one. An emagged light replacer with replace lights that boom when opened, REMEMBER TO CLOSE LIGHTS BEFORE CHANGING SMARTASS. And the megaphone will sound like collossus tongue, likely.
Emag on consoles,
is the best part. You can emag a communications console, making its ability to communicate with NT changed with syndicate. Also you can buy a fancy syndicate shuttle for 100.000 credits(No more crying crews, captain mains!) You can emag a supply console, making it list more fancy items. You can, also, emag a shield controle console, which will bring meteors instead. And there was one thing, when you emag a sec records console it will set everyone to arrest. Don’t know if it does same at beestation code as well.

NOW that you are able to enter anywhere, lets talk about objectives.

There is items that Syndicate wants. And you will be bring those to your superiors.

-Medal of Captainship, can be found on the jumpsuit captains spawn with AND medal case at captains office. Break in, emag the medalcase and run like hell. Or just murder the whitebeard and Alt+Click to his goddamn mayorsuit(WARNING: REQUIRES AT LEAST ONE CAPTAIN).

-Hand Tele, there is two of them on the station. One at captains office and other is at teleporter room. A powergaming head of staff will take that more likely. If not, it is on RD.

-Secret documents of any organization, this means that you have to steal either the one top secret file at vault, or same shit at Syndicate Lavaland Base. You have to steal documents not folder. You can photocopy it as well, it will be counted as greentext.

-Station Blueprints, spawns at CE’s locker, he will take it at the moment he is in station. So if there is no CE, go emag the locker or forcebreak it. If it is with CE, you have two options. Kill, or gently ask for it for a brief moment, get a photographer, flash to 80’s then return it to white hardsuit man. If he is corperative enough, everything should go calmly.

-Captains Antique Laser Gun, fuuuuuck just swear to gods that you have such shitty objective. Most captains thinks like this: “So, guide said i don’t have access and there is a burglar alarm in it. So it should be safe. I HOPE NO ONE ENTERS MY OFFICE AND TAKES IIIIIIIIT”. Advanced captains breaks the display with laser and has it in his backpack all times. So, an emag should do fine to open display(not sure about this one). Or just break the goddamn display and runrunrunrunrun(A teleportation device highly recommended since AI will quickly look there).

-Captains Jetpack, same as above. This ting can fit in a backpack and it can be founded at Suit Storage.

-Caps(why do this bastard has so many high risk items) SWAT suit, same as above, i don’t remember if this was a steal objective.

-Reactive Teleport Armour, is stored inside the locker od RD. He won’t take it as it is unneccesary. So break in, get the locker and fleeeeeeeeeeee. This one is effective in melee fights, BUT DON’T USE NEAR SPACE. Simply, it teleportes you when somoone atacc.

-Prototype Hardsuit, cool. Now, this thing is used doing maxcaps and scientists has access to it. GO ask HoP to get in science, have it when going home and ez gg.

-Krav Maga gloves, found in wardens locker/on warden. Kill him(hard one) or wish he is inexperienced enough to not have these. Warden will be next to his locker so be careful.

-Unused slime extract, is easy one. Break in xeno, use the computers to have one slime(must be a baby) and use fire extinguisher to kill the slime. Then drag it near the slime processor. It’ll be sucked. Then the extract will come out. One is enough and colour does not matter.

-Moles of Plasma, hmm. You have to break in toxins at science, take one plasma tank at tanks storage, break in toxins storage, get a plasma canister, put the tank in, open the valve, set the gauge too maximum and wait until it stops. Close the valve, then eject it. The holding cell should say above 1000 kPa before ejecting and DO NOT EJECT UNTIL YOU CLOSE THE VALVE. Or you’ll plasmaflood the room.

-Hypospray. This one found in CMO’s locker, he usually takes it but incompetent ones, AND SINCE MEDICAL IS A NEW PLAYER FARM, will leave it, as they don’t even know what a high risk item is.

-Advanced Magboots, is a cool item. As CE i always use them, others will too. What it does is slip immunity without slowing you down. To acquire it, go before CE gets in office and take from suit unit OR, knock him down, get a fire axe or something equally robust and chop his legs. As his legs flies over, magboots will drop from him as if he is a mob. You can, afterwards, flee or finish the job yo starder(recommended).

-HoP’s miniature gun. OH FUCK. Thing is, not everyone playes service roles. Only SS13 enjoyers and a REALLY few new players. And in order to be a HoP, you have to fulfill 10 hours of service, which is full of robust players. But for some reason, HoPs usually bad at combat. This gun can fit into pockets, same as an energy gun that has disable and kill modes. Just robust him somehow and pickpocket&run.

-HoS’ laser gun, found in local HoS. Grab the locker or, the hard one, kill him. Good luck!

-Reflective/Ablative armor vest, quite hard. You can find one at armory, or just simply order from supply console. After your order come, break open the crate and boom it is there.

Now that we are done with items that people should secure(except top secret files), there is also some items that stays in its place.

-Silver of Suppermatter. This objective is hard, as syndicate gives you proper insturments to extract and instructions. You need to get in engineering, have a harduit and GET REALLY CLOSE to suppermatter. Be careful, as you touch the sm you’ll be annihilated. So if you have space lag save this to another time.

-Blackbox, is found in telecommunications. This is a high secure place and only CE&Captain is allowed to come in(As if). Any antagonist that plans something vicious to station would destroy tcomms. So be careful when breaking in. Also, reminder that tcomms server room requires internals and a space suit. There is a blackbox recorder there, somehow disassamble it and run. That is iiiit.

-Plutonium, found in vault. Same as SM silver, you need a rad suit etc(if you care about youself or dont wanna get mutations). They provide everything to you. Just get in.

-A functional AI. OH MY HEAVENS I AM DOOMED HOW AM I SUPPOSE-. Bro. My bro. Calm down bro. It is not a certain AI. Just build another AI, and card it. Don’t forget to close its speaker and wireless controll. And keep in mind that he will speak rapidly. So make it around round end(so that the AI won’t get bored). You’ll need an intellicard to card the AI, a posi brain to build an AI and some materials & AI circuit board. WARNING, heavy robotics knowledge required.


Now, we left with three other objectives. Kill/prevent escape, hijack the shuttle or escape alive. OR DIE A GLORIOUS DEAAATH(ez one gg)

-You can figure what killing is, do not let them being revived or clonned. After killing, hide their body. Protip: Use bluespace bodybag. This thing can be found in medbay/sci prolathes at midround. If there is no bluespace crystals, remember that you can make artifical bluespace crystals at sci prolathe. Making one is enough.

-Preventing escape is the same as well, except you can corporate with your target, like
“Ey bro if you stay at the station when we leave, i’ll give you this cool pair of emag.” Or just have him sleeping.

-HIJACKING, is not that hard as you think. Having an emag on this objective is pretty useful. Now, have a space suit, weldshut the airlocks, by welding them on harm intent and emag the airlocks. Do it around shutte comes. So that no one can figure what is happening. Trick is, when you emag a weldshut closed door, it wont ever open and will look like it can function(this is about sprites). Do not let anyone figure that you used amog on them. Now, you managed to do this. Shuttle came. Rush in, break in cockpit and emag the console. Shuttle will leave in 10 seconds. No one is able to anything if you weld the shuttle’s doors as well. WE WON. yaay.

-Dying a glorious death is what is sounds like. You do all of your objectives, then kill yourself. You should not be revived. AND DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE, as most people doesn’t know how to. Thats all.

-Escaping alive is one of easy. If you are still in shadows and nobody figured you killed the cap, you are safe, NOT. The people on shuttle are mad. 6 OUT OF 10 TIMES shuttle gets either boh or normal bombed. I am not making this up. Also there is people with their creations they made on a 1:30 hours long shift. So try to have a space suit in shuttle incase. DO NOT DIE UNLESS YOU SEE THE BEECOINS. That is all, not. There is something that you should always know. Escaping alive doesn’t means you should escape with emergency shuttle. There is pods! You can take them. But when you do, be sure you stay inside of shuttle until THE BEECOIN TEXT. Also, by custody, they mean the red area at shuttle where security stands. If you stay there at round ending, you’ll fail. Stay away from there.

Art of hiding shit

             Easy. There is so much places that you can hide shit. 

First of all, priortize having a bag of holding, which can be made at sci lathe. Try asking or break in. This backpack can fit bulky items, which will be useful. If you don’t act suspicous, no one would check your shit, except when you are killed and shitters come to loot you(ESPECIALLY ON TG). There is some minors of bag of holding. If you use bluespace teleporting with it, boh will malfunction and teleport you somewhere else. Also, putting bluespace-based storage items in boh will create a tear in fabric which works like a singularity, usually leads to ban(where my only ban comes from).

There is bluespace trashbags that also works like boh, you can but them in your belt slot.

Most exosuit slot items can store items. You’ll be amazed with it. Usually it doesn’t say you can store items in it but you can. Very useful.

Combat boots and clown shoes can store items like knifes, scanners.

Drag a pot plants sprite to yourself, and store a medium sized item there. No one would notice.

There is storage implants you can buy with uplink but we are minimalising usage of TCs.

This is all of the tactics I do use, may become useful to you! I trıed to do a robust stealth agent guide, but you still need some training for combat. Especially for killings. Go get that greentext kid.
enjoy the typos

This one is actually super easy. Robust tip for breaking into Ai chamber: Turrets cant see nor shoot through Atmos Firefoam. That shit gets everywhere. Steal one of the packs, pop one shot in and wait. If Ai was stupid or forgetful (Like most are.) they wont have put their shutters down leading to their core (The shutters near the window north of the core on almost every station.) so you can just break it and steal and run like hell. Most of the time people wont have enough time to react and lasers dont go through atmos firefoam.

or simply have a reflector vest, watch AI cry over WHY CAN’T I SHOOT HIM

Any mech with an Hydraulic clamp has unlimited (Yes, Unlimited, i tested.) storage for items of any size (INCLUDING ENTIRE MECH CHASSIS HOLY SHIT!) it is immensely OP. No one is going to look inside your storage for the captain’s body. Leave the paramedics stumped for hours.

I used to put the fireaxe, atmos firefighting pack, all tools, a medkit, donk pockets, backup hardsuit, and whatever else i needed in here before they nerfed it. That was when i rolled traitor very frequently so i got a free pass. Only reason its nerfed is because i told Franc to look in my belt slot once. :sweat_smile:

It doesnt deflect tazers and most stations you need a hardsuit so its much harder.

ah yeah forgot that they are based on tazers

Yep yep. I learned that tactic during malf Ai round as atmos tech. AI plasmaflooded, everyone else was dead. Made thermite, broke the walls, walked in, shot it, took fireaxe, killed the Ai. Also works if you need to make sure the Ai doesnt survive (Which is a Ling objective i think.)

but you need to destroy the apc as well now

Not if you just beat the AI’s core to death.

thats not even a traitor objective

Engineering has tank dispenser with filled up plasma tanks :flushed:

it wasn’t

TBOH got fixed and cannot hold items bigger than “normal” anymore

Already said this. Only reason is because of me. :sweat_smile:

Damn its a shame. There is still BS bodybags, have a box and put it all like minecraft shulker boxes then profit

yeah thats right, you can also print new ones from lathes but you’ll still need a plasma can so breaking in toxins is a guaranteed greentext

It wasn’t a nerf it was a patch, it was never intended to store infinite stuff.

The only reason it could hold infinite stuff is because it was unintentionally made to have the same storage as a hammerspace trash bag which is an admin only item.

That bug was fixed a long time ago, unless it cropped back in again

How about you focus on being antagonistic and causing stuff to happen? i just do contracts and maybe do my objectives if the situation allows.