Alexis Wilkinson Player report (unknown CKEY)

In-game report: Alexis Wilkinson Player report (unknown CKEY)

CKEY: Acronad

Your Discord: Acronad

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alexis Wilkinson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07-23-2022

Round Number: 39464

Rules Broken: Valid Hunting and forced borg

Incident Description: As an antag I stole the nuclear core for self destruct, I left the tools in maints and forgot them. Later I was in viro lab trying to make a virus to help my fellow antag and HoP comes in, stuns me immediately, cuffs me, and drags me off without a word, when I ask why, they say “cool fibres on tools in maints near valut,no captian so borging” And would not offer anything more. Oour acting captain at the time was the chief engineer who was still alive at this time. despite many efforts to get an explanation they would not explain anything to me and simply borged me and went on with the round


Hello, thank for you patience.
Ill try to handle this report swiftly
thanks for the report

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Thank you, i dont remember much about this now with how long its been but if you need anything ill try to answer away.

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Bump cuz 10 whole days have passed without it getting handled “swiftly”.



The Hop detaining You.

SAY: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) “goten” (Medbay Central (77, 133, 2))
ATTACK: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) has thrown the nuke core container (Medbay Central (78, 133, 2))
SAY: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) “we dont have sec so borging” (Medbay Central (87, 134, 2))
SAY: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) “ye” (Fore Primary Hallway (100, 136, 2))
SAY: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) “fibres on tools in valut” (Fore Primary Hallway (139,
SAY: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) “you stole core” (Robotics Lab (141, 140, 2))

They did engage you without any attempt at RP, nor did they have orders to do so from the accting captain at the time.

Something About pots and kettles.

SAY: Noboto/(Alexis Wilkinson) (DEAD) “this is RP server or murder bone?” (Atrium (134, 132, 2))

Report accepted.